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tentec@contesting.com; amps@contesting.com

Post by Lane C. Zeitle » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00


I came accross two brand new 175 amp/hour deep cycle RV batteries that are
new. Can anyone recommend a regulator circuit that will bring the voltage of
these two batteries in series down to 13.8 volts??

Someone mentioned earlier on the T-T reflector that some rigs DO NOT like
operating below 13 volts...well I have a few like that hence the reason of
going in series and then regulated down vice putting the two cells in
parallel. Fully charged I only get around 12.7 volts.

Don't want to hash out the pro's and con's of using batteries...just wonder
what type of regulator I should use that will let me have HIGH I capability.

Very Urban San Diego


tentec@contesting.com; amps@contesting.com

Post by Radio Rand » Sat, 27 Jun 1998 04:00:00


I believe that your best bet would be to go with a "switching" regulator.
A linear unit would waste 1/2 your power in heat. The only trick is
finding a switching unit that doesn't create alot of "hash" in your HF

Astron made a unit that was good for 9 amps cont., 12 amps int. but I'm
not sure what the RF noise was like. Newmar makes several units (with, I
assume, good shielding since they are designed for marine electronics),
but the are EXPENSIVE. If cost is no object, I'd opt for the Newmar.

Radio Randy