Wouff-Hong wanted

Wouff-Hong wanted

Post by Steve Frie » Mon, 09 Oct 2000 10:13:55


Please,? I need a Wouff-Hong.
Prefer one that is CW only (although CW - AM) is acceptable.

If your Wouff-Hong is reasonably priced (almost free!)? I would like to
have it.? Also, if you know the ceremonial speech that accompanies the
issuing of a Wouff-Hong initiation - sure would like to know about it.?
There are several hams around here that need the threat of a near by
genuine Wouff-Hong.? Your kind help would be so much appreciated.

Please state condition, terms, prior liens, history, whether or not it
is spark, cw, or??, and prior amount of use.

Thank you very much.



Wouff-Hong wanted

Post by (Observant » Mon, 09 Oct 2000 04:00:00


I had a really fine unit until recently when I sent it in for
Seems the zero cycle cw filter was shorted, and the components were no
longer available.


Wouff-Hong wanted

Post by Gord Skiffingto » Mon, 09 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Sorry Steve....I sent one to RAC up here in Canada and was told it was
worn clean and clear out in only 1 session of "in house" use.....was
then told that what-was-left was sent onward to IC (Industry Canada) for
evaluation but once it went to work, was reduced to dust in only a
couple of seconds.......I'll keep an eye out for ya though.....I'm
getting the impression "we" may have to resort to some sort of graphite
fibre or titanium to hold up under the onslaught today (sigh).

(CW one ought to be easier to find....in good condition I'd think).

73 - Gord VE1AJF  (well....I used to have a real ticket until IC/RAC....


Wouff-Hong wanted

Post by Lamb » Mon, 09 Oct 2000 04:00:00


Although no connection has ever been confirmed, no genuine Wouff-Hong's have ever been discovered that were made after the death of Hiram Percy Maxim (OM).  I understand that the only true Wouff-Hongs are cw, and none were ever made for am or ssb.

There is a rumor, which is unconfirmed, that although most Wouff-Hongs are single ended, one push-pull version was made for a special event.  It was stored and may still be in storage.  Most of the surviving Wouff-Hongs are in the NE, but I do recall a photo in QST many years ago of a cactus Wouff-Hong in the Sonora Desert.

I also would like to question why you want one of these and am concerned that you are only trying to acquire it to put it on e-Bay.

The Wouff-Hong chant can only be repeated to new inductees.  I know the OM was authorized to make the chant, but I do not know who that was passed on to.  But, I think the original is still back at the ARRL and recommend that you take a trip back there, with one of the electronic stud finders.  Plug a pair of high impedance earphones into the stud fincer, place it next to the crotch of the Wouff-Hong and listen for further instructions.  

For complete information, try www.wouff_hong.com.  

73,  Colin  K7FM


Wouff-Hong wanted

Post by Radioma » Tue, 10 Oct 2000 04:00:00

Please don't take offense at this, but there's something that looks like a W-H
in the window of a bar in Greenwich Village in NYC. I suggest not to bother
trying to get it as the place looked like a gay establishment, with lots of
guys in leather jackets*** around..