eBay madness!

eBay madness!

Post by Mike Knuds » Thu, 20 Jan 2005 03:48:50

Quote:>Sometimes I sorta want an item and set my proxy bid, kinda high, at
>the beginning.   Folk will inch up, others will try the last minute
>bid but how does anyone know what my proxy is?

Yep.  A few years ago, I put my maximum proxy bid on a Racal receiver.  Nobody
beat my bid after a week.  The seller told me he figured my high initial bid
scared others away.  At least they didn't come around for the last-minute
feeding frenzy.

Nice radio, too.  I plead seniority on the model number (6217?), but it's the
transistor Wadley-Loop model with the odometer style freq readouts and purely
analog tuning, and only a couple inches high in rack-mount.  Sits under my
73, Mike K.

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