HELP: Redifon

HELP: Redifon

Post by Leopold Cohen J » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Can you help a New Zealander with questions about a Redifon?

If so, PLEASE e-mail him directly! (DO NOT hit "REPLY" to this article)

You can use his e-mail address that is listed in the following forwarded

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Subject:          Your readers may be able to help
Date sent:        Wed, 24 Jun 1998

I am looking for parts to restore a Redifon r50m receiver,
These were used on merchant ships after the war

My early days were spent listening to #19 sets and 62 sets
now the price is out of my league.

Arc 5 receivers are very popular as is any military set.

Enjoy reading the articles
Thanx Ross

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