Good Tubes/Vintage Speakers/Vintage Radio Books

Good Tubes/Vintage Speakers/Vintage Radio Books

Post by Matt Warr » Wed, 22 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have the following for sale.  Tube prices include shipping, other
gear/materials do not include shipping.  Tubes are used unless indicated.  
All tubes test good on Hickok 539C.  Units for sale until 06/23/98.

Matt Warren

3- "Siemens" EL34, all labeled Groove Tubes.  These are the dimple top
tubes made in E. Germany at a time when there was an E. Germany.  New.  
1- Mullard EL34.  Welded plate, single ring getter.  
2- Mullard EL34.  NOS.  Mullards have holes in guide keys, date codes at
base of glass.  The real deal.  
$110 for all of them shipped.

6- Sylvania.  Two  with broken plastic guide key.  One is NOS.  All test
2- GE.  Real nice condition.  
1- RCA Black Plate.  
$120 shipped.  

10 Tele 12AX7.  Mixture of Tele label and Fisher label.  All diamond
bottom!  $120 shipped.

1- Mullard.  
5- Bugle Boy
$30 shipped.

2 Valvo
1 Mullard
$24 shipped.

Vintage Speakers:

University 312.  8 Ohm with built in horn tweeter.  Excellent.  See pics
at and
$115 + shipping.

Altec 12".  8 Ohm.  4178c.  Excellent.  See pics at and
$80 + shipping.


Package of radio related books:

Navy Model TBY-8: Ultra High VHF Transceiving Equipment.  1943.
Army TM 11-666: Antennas and Radio Propagation.  1943.
TM 11-673: Generation and Transmission of Microwave Energy.  1953.
TM 11-668: FM Transmitters and Receivers.  
TM 11-466: Radar Electronic Fundamentals. 1944.
TM 11-487: Electronic Communications Systems Equipment.  1944.
TM 11-4000: Troubleshooting and Repair of Radio Equipment.  1958.  
Navships 91828A: Handbood of Test Methods and Practices.  1955.
Armed Forces Radio Communication II.  No date, but old!
Air Force Radio Receivers.  1953.
Air Force Radio Transmitters.  1953.
ARRL Antenna Book.  1974.
ARRL Speciallized Techniques.  1977.
ARRL FM and Repeaters.  1972.
$50 for all of them, plus shipping.

Matt Warren