Scanner with 30KHz search step and fast (turbo) search

Scanner with 30KHz search step and fast (turbo) search

Post by Tech » Mon, 27 Jan 1997 04:00:00


I'm searching for a scanner that also includes 30KHz as one of it's
search step options (mine currently supports only 5KHz and 12.5KHz) as
well as FAST (turbo) search (100 steps per second or more). I'm
looking for a low cost portable unit (up to 250$?), still in
production (i.e. old scanners might have these features, but are hard
to get). I've seen units that support one of these features, but not
both (for example, the BC220XLT supports turbo search, but not 30KHz
steps). Extended coverage would be nice but not a must (at least
400-500MHz should be included). Pointers to distributors of such units
also appreceated.


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