Patrick AFB Area Log - Sunday 13 Feb 2005

Patrick AFB Area Log - Sunday 13 Feb 2005

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Sunday 13 Feb 2005

REACH 906 Heavy.
   1:00am: Departs Patrick to Georgetown Guyana. Patrick tower opened for
this departure and said they would remain open for a half hour after the
departure in case REACH 906 needed to return.
[133.75, 132.65, 132.25]

HERK 84: C-130
   10:20am: Departs Patrick AFB.

NAVY 6E 252: T-34C Whiting Field TW-5 VT-6 "Shooters"
   10:15am: En route Palm Beach IAP.
[132.65, 132.25]

GRITS 31: C-17A, Charleston 437AW
   10:39am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick; RTB CHS.
[133.75, 132.65]

NAVY 6E 465: T-34C Whiting Field TW-5 VT-6 "Shooters"
   12:45pm: Touch-and-goes, then full stop at Patrick.

LT 621: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-62 "Broad Arrows"
   1:00pm: Touch-and-goes at Patrick.

ROCKET 256: T-2C, Pensacola TW-6 VT-86
   1:36pm: En route to Pensacola.
[269.25, 317.6, 255.4]

ROCKET 257: T-2C, Pensacola TW-6 VT-86
   1:36pm: Area transition, descending from FL270 to 16,000 ft.
[360.7, 317.6, 255.4]

RU 240: C-130T, Point Mugu VR-55
   3:49pm: Inbound NAS Jax, then to NAS Atlanta.

CG Vessel 433
   4:10pm; Comms w CG Sta Port Canaveral.

CG Vessel 442
   4:10pm; Comms w CG Sta Port Canaveral.

REACH 805S: C-17A, Charleston AFB 437AW
   5:14pm: Lands Patrick.
   5:53pm: Departs to Homestead JARB.
[133.75, 132.65, 133.475, 132.15]

REACH 0466: C-5 #70-0466, Dover AFB 436 AW
   5:15pm: Lands Patrick; will RON.
[383.0, 372.2, 132.65, 133.75]
Pilot mis-IDs tail as "90466."

SEARCH 01: UN-1H, NASA-KSC Security/Survey Acft
   5:45pm: Lands Patrick AFB Helipad Golf.

VADER 06: C-130H, Youngstown-Warren RAP OH-ANG 910AG
   4:30pm: Prepares to land at Avon Park Bombing Range; diverts to Patrick
AFB because of landing gear malfunction.
   5:35pm: Lands safely at Patrick.
[292.2, 372.2, 132.65, 133.75]
Patrick Talk Group 32656 with related comms.

   5:57pm: Comms on Patrick Talk Group 37776.

   6:05pm: Area transition.
[119.825, 125.075, 126.525]

   6:30pm: Clear comms, unk land; not Spanish, poss Russian.

NASA 917: T-38N #66-8383, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston
   6:45pm: Lands Shuttle Landing Facility.
[132.65, 128.55]

SAM 8492: Andrews AFB 89AW
   7:45pm: Inbound MacDill AFB.

TEAL 88: WC-130, Keesler AFB 403W 53WRS "Hurricane Hunters"
   7:48pm: Reports airborne at 45 past hour.
   7:52pm: Rqsts wx at Keesler and Dobbins.
[311.0, 344.6]

CARBON 31: AT-38C, Moody AFB 479FTG 39FTS.
   8:02pm: Area transition.
[346.25, 273.55]

RIVER 14: F/A-18 New Orleans NAS JRB VFA-204 "River Rattlers"
   8:04pm: Area transition.

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