Looking for NASCAR frequencies and PL Tones

Looking for NASCAR frequencies and PL Tones

Post by J_C_Mar.. » Wed, 03 May 2000 04:00:00

Doe sanyone know where I can get NASCAR Frequencies along with PL Tones
online?  I know of pleanty of sites where to get the freqs,  but they
don't have the PL Tones.  I also know there is a sheet that can be
purchased at the track for $5,  but want to have the programming done
long before then.  I'm purchasing a SC200 and want to fully program
frequencies, tones and Alpha tagging before I leave for my road trip as
I don't have a laptop to do it when I get there.  If I had a laptop and
could program it on the road I'd easily drop the $5 for the sheet at
the track,  but unfortunatly I don't.

Thanks in advance for ay help.

James Martin

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