Pro-39 Scanner (Radio Shack/Tandy/Realistic)

Pro-39 Scanner (Radio Shack/Tandy/Realistic)

Post by Mark Pulve » Wed, 11 Nov 1998 04:00:00

I obtained a Pro-39 Scanner from a second hand store, without
a manual. Using
I learned how to program it.

But after a week, all keys except scan/manual/light fail to
work. (The keylock is off)

The trouble shooting page mentions:
Keys do not work or random display.         Reset the scanner.

Assuming to reset the scanner by pressing the little hidden switch near the
power point, I tried this with no effect (it did seem to turn the
unit off), except if I press the clear button first,
then it clear the memory. But the keyboard is still dead.

What is the proper reset sequence?
Anyone else seen/know of this problem, and have a solution?