USS Enterprise Strike Group off the Florida Coast

USS Enterprise Strike Group off the Florida Coast

Post by George » Fri, 12 Sep 2003 03:38:21

Heres your chance to catch some comms, both UHF and HF, of an Aircraft
Carrier Strike Group.  It appears weve got the USS Enterprise off our
Florida Coast.  From previous aircraft calls it appears to be SouthEast
of Jacksonville, dont know distance.

However comms are up on 5399.5 KHz USB, excellent sigs here in Daytona
Beach FL.  Also heard comms this morning on 381.7000 (STRIKE freq).
Both freqs are booming into Daytona.

Other freqs which might be used will probably be those of FACSFACJAX
which can be found here:

Previous freqs used during Carrier operations off our shore are:
236.4500   STRIKE - CD Flights
290.5000   Charlie Delta A/A
362.4750   Charlie Delta A/A
362.6000   Marshall
363.7000   Marshall
366.8500   STRIKE Button 3
369.3000   STRIKE
375.7000   SCREWTOP
381.7000   STRIKE
385.3500   Marshall
387.4500        Carriers off Fl Coast

Thanks to MAC in Georgia for the Heads Up and Iding this as the USS