HELP! Need Marine SSB Channel/Freq... info!

HELP! Need Marine SSB Channel/Freq... info!

Post by Robert H. Eisne » Mon, 30 Aug 1999 04:00:00

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> Hello,

> I am looking for the frequencies to the various channels on standard SSB Marine
> Radios...  I would love to have the channels with the frequencies...

> I am not even sure how many or what the numbers are on a Marine SSB radio?  Do
> they start at channel "1" and go up from there?  What channels are equivalent
> to say channel "68" on VHF Marine?  I have heard boaters chewing the rag over
> coffee on freq. 12.359mhz.  Is this a Marine SSB channel?

> I can't seem to find a book that lists the freqs. for the channels of Marine
> SSB radios...hope someone my have this information...

> Thanks!

> Jason