tk2 v0.7 open source software for ICOM IC-R2 available

tk2 v0.7 open source software for ICOM IC-R2 available

Post by Bob Parnass, AJ9 » Thu, 05 Dec 2002 10:42:44

tk2 version 0.7 is now available for free download.

tk2 is open source, multi-platform software which configures the
ICOM IC-R2 wide coverage receiver.  It runs on Linux, MacOS X,
BSD, UNIX, Windows (95 and later), and other operating systems.

Changes in version 0.7 include:

1) Memory bank channels may now be edited within tk2. Channels may
        be changed, deleted, inserted, or swapped with adjacent
        channels. More comprehensive changes can be made by exporting
        the channels to a CSV file, then using a text editor or
        spreadsheet program.

2) Added a duplicate frequency check.

3) Fixed a bug which truncated interstitial frequencies,
        e.g., 470.3125, and showed them without the proper last digit.

You can learn about and freely download an experimental version
of tk2 from:

I don't warrant the software, though it will cost you nothing.

information about the IC-R2 protocol and memory layout
at  Thanks also to Les Butler,
Thor Heglund, and other IC-R2 owners for helping to test tk2.