BP2500 battery packs for the BC-2500 and BC-3000

BP2500 battery packs for the BC-2500 and BC-3000

Post by James F. Boehner, M » Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hi Group!


I read a number of posts some time ago complaining about the battery
pack for the bc-2500/3000, as it is a one piece unit, and does not use
the "AA" nicads.

I have three of these packs, and found that two had died and one has
lost its ability to hold a charge for more than one hour of use.


Mr. Nicad at (608)831-3443 or (608)831-1082 FAX sells the complete
Battery Pack for $39 and the NiCd insert ONLY for $19.

I easily opened the case of these packs.  You will need to break up the
glue that attaches the batteries to the case (gentle pressure),
desolder, and then resolder two connections, and put the case back
together (glue not really necessary).

For $19, rebuilding the battery pack really is a good idea.  You might
do better by comparison shopping, though!

'73 de JIM N2ZZ