Tandy and Scan Shack Update: 07 OCT 99

Tandy and Scan Shack Update: 07 OCT 99

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                       Tandy and Scan Shack Update: 07 OCT 99

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Hello all;

To keep the thread to a minimum I have provided an up to the minute update on
this whole issue.

As the creator of several scanning related sites, mailing lists and articles I
have been sought out by friends, associates and users of my resources. In an
effort to provide factual information I contacted Mrs. Angle of Tandy Legal the
purported author and sender of the email to the Scan Shack which disclosed the
alleged misuse of the word "shack" the provision of "unauthorized modification
information"which was viewed by Tandy as a dedicated and major purpose of said
site and Tandy Companies possible action should the site remain so named and so

On Wednesday, October 6, 1999, a call was made to Mrs. Angle and a followup
call later made to confirm her receipt of the alleged email sent by her on
Tandy's behalf.
Mrs. Angle initially stated that "email could be faked and without it she was
unable to comment."

Subsequent calls to Tandy Legal and Media Relations went unreturned Wednesday.

This morning another call was made to Mrs. Angle who immediately stated that
Media Relations would provide any further details regarding the matter at hand,
regardless of her earlier agreement to provide confirmation or denial of the
alleged email and the subject thereof.

The call was transferred to Media Relations where the Manager, Mr. Tony
Magollas who was unavailable but would be returning my calls in response to the
Scan Shack issue.

In contact with the operator of the operator of the Scan Shack it appears that
he believes the email was in fact sent from Tandy and has already taken the
site off AOL in expectation of legal action by Tandy, he expressed the
sentiment that the work required to remove, update and reinstall the site was
in his opinion better than facing the Tandy Company in a legal battle over the
semantics of his sites name and content.

As we provide these details we are awaiting comment from the Media Relations
Department of Tandy Company in Texas.

When statements are issued from Tandy and confirmed they will be posted to the
ScanPB site, newslist and here.

In this time we can only hope that users will contain emotions and await
factual information which can then be processed in an appropriate manner.

Please stay tuned for further information and updates.

Thank you,

Bill Ames;

Creator ScanPB

Republica Maro
Soberano Republica
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