Post by Jianqing » Wed, 25 Jan 1995 12:31:05


>I'm ready to purchase a scanner that can go above what my old PRO-2023 can
>reach.  I'd like to stay with the table top type and be able to reach
>at least 900MHz.  I'm not too interested in cell freq.  I've seen a
>lot of postings on the PRO-2004 (table top?) and that could be a solution
>if they can still be found (used/new).  The local Rat Shackers say that
>most of the local 800+MHz stuff is trunked and may soon be "scrambled" so
>I'm not sure how that would affect my selection.  I'd like to keep the cost
>below $200 if that's reasonable.

>What would you recommend? RS? Uniden? Other?

  Try RS Pro-2030 (Cat. 20-407)

  80 channel, 50 channel/sec (HyperScan)

  Older model with FCC ID AAO20-407 could be mod. to have cell freq.
  Newer model with AAO20-407A couldn't (or couldn't be mod. easily)