tk92 v0.2 open source software for PRO-92 PRO-2067 enhanced

tk92 v0.2 open source software for PRO-92 PRO-2067 enhanced

Post by Bob Parnass, AJ9 » Sat, 07 Dec 2002 01:46:00

tk92 v0.2 is now available for free download.  tk92 is open
source, multi-platform software for configuring Radio Shack PRO-92
and PRO-2067 scanner radios.

I wrote tk92 chiefly for radio hobbyists who use Linux, MacOS X,
BSD, Solaris, Unix, or other non-Windows operating systems.
tk92 works on Windows-based systems (95 and later), too.

This version contains several new features but may run more slowly
or not at all on computers without sufficient RAM.

New features in tk92 v0.2 include:

1) Memory bank channels can now be edited within tk92.  Channels
        can be changed, deleted, inserted, or swapped with adjacent
        channels.  More comprehensive changes can be made by
        exporting the channels to a CSV file, then using a text
        editor or spreadsheet program.
2) Talk groups can now be changed within tk92.
3) The 10 weather channels can be reprogrammed to custom frequencies.
4) tk92 now opens the serial port just before reading from or writing
        to the radio instead of when the program begins.  This means
        you can wait to connect the radio until just before performing
        a data transfer.
5) A priority channel can be assigned.
6) The backlight can be set to stay on until the PRO-92 is powered
        off by setting the backlight timeout to 0 seconds.
7) The mode defaults to FM if not specified when importing memory
        channels from a CSV file.
8) A bug in encoding the 4-line Welcome message has been fixed.

Thanks to Ken Plotkin and Bill Petrowsky who determined and
published the PRO-92 and PRO-2067 memory image layout, with
corrections from Don Starr. Bill suggested implementing
preprogrammed fleet maps in Win92 and I incorporated them
into tk92, as well.  Steve Falco published the source
code for his 92linux command line based software, written
in the C language.

Thanks also to Greg Shepherd, Ryan Schave, and others for
helping to test tk92.

tk92 is undergoing active development.  You can learn about and
freely download the latest beta test version of tk92 from:

I don't warrant the software, though it will cost you nothing.