Comms recorded 5 Sep 2007

Comms recorded 5 Sep 2007

Post by AllanSt.. » Fri, 07 Sep 2007 16:37:31

Quote:>From my recordings of comms on Wed 5 Sep 2007:

Heard the vessel "Ocean Obsession II" reporting to CG Sta Canaveral
the location of a body they found in the water off Canaveral; and
heard the CG send one of their vessels to retrieve the body.

Patrick AFB C-130 "King 64" cleared to KODF 247 radial at 25 DME fix.
This would be near Moody AFB, and is a common point to which Patrick
C-130s are often cleared.

Patrick AFB C-130 "King 76" departed Patrick AFB to Colorado Springs.

"FANG 26," a C-26 that belongs to the FL-ANG 125FW came up with CG
Sector Key West and reported "off station; requesting you secure out
guard at this time."

P-3C "Cardfile 713" was heard calling an unk station (probably NAS Jax
TSC "Fiddle") on "Uniform" (probably 285.0).

Homestead 93FS "Shark" pilot introducing a former Eglin 85TES pilot to
Avon Range, and giving him a gouge on flying with the 93d.

AL STERN Satellite Beach FL