Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 21 Mar 2005

Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 21 Mar 2005

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 21 Mar 2005

LIMA LIMA 14: P-3C, Jax NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
8:55am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick.
9:20am: RTB NAS Jax.
[133.75, 132.65, 124.8]

N21NG: LJ-35A #343, LearJet, Northrop Grumman JSTARS Facility, Melbourne.
9:03am: Lands Melbourne IAP.
[132.65, 118.2]

BOLT 11: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
9:14am: Comms with MacDill Lightning Ops.

RAID 71: KC-135R, Grand Forks AFB 319ARW
9:54am: Northbound.

GREYHAWK 01: E-2C, Norfolk NAS VAW-120 "Greyhawks"
10:02am: Southbound to NAS Key West.
[269.3, 307.1, 281.5]

BAT 1, BAT 2: C-337 Skymaster, AirScan Titusville.
10:04am: Security flight during KSC balloon release.

GREYHAWK 02: E-2C, Norfolk NAS VAW-120 "Greyhawks"
10:20am: Southbound to NAS Key West.
[269.3, 307.1, 281.5]

BOLT 14: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
10:40am: Air-air refueling of C-17A LIFTER 37.
11:37am: Into Palatka MOA (Pinecastle Range) for AAR in FL220-240 block with
TBolt 21 F/A-18s (357.0).
12:35pm: AAR w TBolt 31 flight (292.1)
2:03pm: "TBolt 12 and 21 flights have RTBd."
2:37pm: "Looking for TBolt 71/72 flight."
3:07pm: Comms w Patrick Metro re landing wx at MacDill at 2100z.
[327.6, 357.0, 292.1, 344.6]

LIFTER 37: C-17A, Charleston AFB 437AW
10:40am: AAR comms with BOLT 14.
12:45pm; Pattern work at Patrick AFB; RTB CHS.
[327.6, 133.75]

GREYHAWK 04: E-2C, Norfolk NAS VAW-120 "Greyhawks"
11:03am: Southbound to NAS Key West.
[133.475, 269.3, 307.1, 281.5]

KING 15: C-130, Moody AFB 71RQS.
11:04am: Pattern work at Patrick AFB, low approach at Shuttle Landing
[133.75, 264.8]

JT 659: C-9B, Willow Grove NAS VR-52 "Taskmasters"
11:21am: En route to NAS Key West.

TBOLT 21, F/A-18C, Flight of 2, Beaufort MCAS VMFA-251 "Thunderbolts"
11:37am: "Looking to hook up with Bolt 14 for AAR."
11:58am: "Going after the SAM Site with 1 LGTR each, then any convoy.
[357.0, 380.8]

RAID 98: KC-135R, Grand Forks AFB 319ARW
11:40am: Inbound MacDill; will RON.

___ 64
11:41am: Ph patch via MacDill Lightning Ops to DSN 424-6508 Pope AFB Base Ops
re 1815z ETA; rqsts parking in area for acft w hazardous cargo; billeting for
crew of 7, Customs.

KING 55: HC-130P #64-14855, Patrick AFB 920RQS 39RQS
12:03pm: Departs Patrick to Eglin.
3:40pm: Lands Patrick: "Alabama ##F and 22." "Add 70 to Alabama."
[118.4, 321.0, 133.75, 132.65]

FAB 65: C-130, Bolivian Air Force.
12:08pm: Lands Patrick
3:34pm: Cleared to Opa Locka A/p.
[132.65, 133.75, 118.4]

TERRA 5: Northrop Grumman JSTARS Ground Station, Melbourne IAP.
12:02pm: Testing with Wizard (on ground) all day long.
[231.75, 351.025, 38.3, 123.2]
[Satcom: 266.05, 301.55]

NASA 969: T-38N #65-10329, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
12:25pm: Lands Shuttle Landing Facility.
[132.65, 128.55]

GREYHAWK 06: E-2C, Norfolk NAS VAW-120 "Greyhawks"
12:30pm: Southbound to NAS Key West.
[269.3, 307.1, 281.5]

NASA 901: T-38N #66-8381, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
12:40pm: Lands SLF.
[132.65, 128.55]

AIR TRANSPORT 300: DC-10, ATI (USAF Contractor)
12:45pm: Departs Patrick to Antigua, then Ascension.
[118.4, 133.75, 132.65, 133.475]

MAULER 07: S-3B, NAS Jacksonville VS-32 "Maulers"
1:21pm: Touch-and-goes at Patrick.

SNAKEs: F-15, FL-ANG 125FW 159FS, Jacksonville
1:50pm: In Whiskey Area.
[253.7, 341.1]

2:00pm: Comms w Unid.

EAGLE 26: Ground Mobile, NASA KSC Shuttle Landing Facility
2:05pm: Busy on runways all afternoon.

SEARCH 01: UH-1H, NASA KSC Security/Survey Helo.
2:33pm: Local ops.
3:28pm: Lands at Patrick AFB.
[128.55, 133.8, 133.75]

MAKO 01: F-16C, Homestead JARB AFRC 482FW 93FS "Makos"
3:28pm: Departs after working at Avon Park Bombing Range.
[292.2, 307.1]

VIDAR 24: S-3B, NAS Jacksonville VS-22 "Checkmates"
4:32pm: Works Palatka MOA.

KING 79: HC-130P NY-ANG 106RQW 102RQS Gabreski A/p NY
4:54pm: Lands Patrick AFB.
[372.2, 133.75]

NASA 956: T-38N #69-7084, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
6:30pm: Lands SLF.
[132.65, 128.55]

BOLT 12: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
6:31pm: Touch-and-go at Patrick, then to MacDill.
[132.65, 133.75, 311.0]

STAR 1: Northrop Grumman JSTARS Ground Mobile Unit.
6:40pm: Test comms with JSTARS back-end Wizard, on ground.

HORSE 909: C-130E, Little Rock AFB 314AW
7:00pm: Departs MacDill to Little Rock after RON due to engine problem.

TEAL 70: WC-130, Keesler AFB 403w 53WRS "Hurricane Hunters."
7:24pm: Rqsts MacDill Lightning Ops ctct Maxwell AFB re ETA 0125z; crew of
10; rqsts Customs.

KING 24: HC-130, Patrick AFB 920RQW 39RQS
8:40pm: Pattern work.

9:45pm: Departs Melbourne IAP.
[118.2, 132.65, 124.8]

JOLLY 21: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo.
11:00pm: Departs Patrick for local training flight.
11:33pm: Inbound.
[255.5, 383.0]

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