Mil Acft Comms Log - Florida 16 Sep 2004

Mil Acft Comms Log - Florida 16 Sep 2004

Post by AllanSte » Sat, 18 Sep 2004 16:31:13

Thursday 16 Sep 2004

Many unusual handoff sequences today due to
radar equipment outages caused by the recent
hurricanes. (I only have a couple of antennas up myself !!)

N961BW: Casa 212, Av Worlwide Svc Melbourne (Mil training contractor)
9:58am: Lands Melbourne IAP.

MADFOX 11: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-5 "Mad Foxes"
10:00am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick; VHF rdo goes inop; RTBs Jax with UHF comms.
[133.75, 269.375, 281.425, 269.3, 239.25, 323.1]

GAMBLER 01: F-16, Shaw AFB 20FW 77FS "Gamblers"
10:57am: Pattern work at Patrick; RTB NAS Jacksonville.
[269.375, 132.65, 118.85]

MAULER 08: S-3B, Jacksonville NAS VS-32 "Maulers"
11:20am: Area transition.
[348.7, 269.3, 263.1]

PELICAN 03: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-45 "Pelicans"
11:25am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick AFB.
[133.75, 132.65]

REACH 1190: C-17A #01-0190, Charleston AFB 437AW
11:38am: Lands Patrick.
[132.65, 133.75, 383.0]

POISON 21, T-38A flight of 3, Columbus AFB 14FTW
4:45pm: Chatting en route to Patrick, over KSC/CCAFS launch pads; pattern work,
then landings.
[281.425, 269.375; air-air: 142.875]

CARBON 13 Flight: AT-38C, Moody AFB 479FTG 39FTS
6:00pm: Lands Patrick AFB.
[281.425, 269.375]

CARBON 11 Flight: AT-38C, Moody AFB 479FTG 39FTS
6:03pm: Lands Patrick AFB.
[281.425, 269.375]

EVAC 33833 or 33783, etc.
6:20pm: Inbd MacDill; passes writeups.
Note could be C-130E #37883, KC-135 #63-8883, or other.

LIFTER 83: C-17A, Charleston AFB 437AW
7:30pm: Pattern work at Patrick curtailed by maintenance problem; RTBs
[133.75, 132.65, 132.25,119.825, 134.85]

ATTIC 73: F/A-18D, Beaufort MCAS VMFA(AW)-332 "Moonlighters"
8:29pm: Landing at MacDill.
[317.6, 279.6]

HN 420: SH-60B, Mayport NAF HSL-42 "Proud Warriors"
8:50pm: Area transition.

MADFOX 09: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-5 "Mad Foxes"
8:58pm: Area transition.

RHET 52: KC-135R, Warner-Robins AFB 19ARG 99ARS "Black Knights"
9:22pm: Comms with MacDill Lightning Ops; later airliner "Jet Blue 50" relays
Miami Ctr msg that rcvrs are not coming to track; RHET 52 RTBs.
[311.0, 135.075, 134.85]

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