ScanShack news update 10 Oct (about e-mail from Tandy issue)

ScanShack news update 10 Oct (about e-mail from Tandy issue)

Post by ScanSha » Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00:00

This message is not being placed here to spark any new outcry, messages, etc. I
post it because I have been asked to provide updates - so this is the latest on
the issue.  Any new updates will be placed here and on the main page of my
site.  I wish to thank all who have shown their support via e-mails and
newsgroup posts.

For those unaware of the recent issues that have arisen and caused my web site
to drastically change appearance, name and informational content, I submit the
following brief historical explanation:

from someone within the legal department at Tandy. (Radio Shack,etc)  The
e-mail received can be seen here:

2) After reading it, I assumed it was real (validity is still in question and
undetermined) but to be safe I complied by removing the web site entirely.  I
then announced the web sites closer on the and newsgroups.  This caused a flood of written concern.  A small
percentage of the posts I have captured for viewing here:

3) After reviewing some of the written suggestions I followed up and did some
research on the numerous web site URLs provided by the newsgroup posters.

4) As the e-mail I received stated concerns of affiliation, I decided to add a
strong disclosure statement on this opening page to help ensure anyone viewing
this page that there was absolutely no affiliation between my web site and ANY
business, company or retail chains operation.   I also renamed the title of the
web site and removed some material that the e-mail stated was illegal and they
had great concern over.

5) On 6 & 7 Oct 99 a person, calling himself Bill Ames, (Creator: ScanPB,
PBScanlist, Scanlist Fla, Republica Maro Soberano Republica),  took it upon
himself to contact Tandy via telephone to confirm this e-mail and issue.  This
person said (wrote) he talked with Ms. Angle of the Tandy legal dept and Mr.
Tony Magollas, the Public/Media Relations Manager of Tandy Company.  This
person said (wrote) that Mr. Magollas confirmed the issue.  This person posted
the details of his efforts on the newsgroups. The actual posts can be seen at
the URL referenced in line (2) or on the scanner newsgroups.

6) On 8 Oct 99 I e-mail replied to the original sender of the e-mail asking the
person to view my site and rule on if the disclosure statement, new name and
removed material helped ease their concerns outlined in the e-mail.  I advised
the individual my intent was to continue displaying and maintaining my AOL
members web site I had established almost a year prior and hoped I could
continue using the same AOL Screen Name and URL address  because it is linked on many other
sites, book marked by others and is displayed by web search engines under the
current URL, and has been for as long as the web site has been established.

7) I am currently waiting for a reply to my e-mail.  I hope this reply will (a)
help determine the original e-mails validity and (b) help settle this issue -
as all this attention is not of the pleasant variety.

Now with improved disclosure statements !
An individuals scanning hobby information site.
NOT A BUSINESS of any kind.
Also home of the "Adventures of Scanner Dweeb" comic strip.


ScanShack news update 10 Oct (about e-mail from Tandy issue)

Post by J. Arnol » Mon, 11 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Just for your info, I sent an email to the person in your original email

because of that single piece of email, I would not be purchasing another
single product from Radio Shack or any of its associates.
I know that only one person boycotting Radio Shack will not mean a thing to
the corporation, but at least they will not
be recieving any of my money. Sad thing is, I really want to get me a new
attenna <G>. Guess I will order one online.

Jim Arnold