Where is George Fetter?

Where is George Fetter?

Post by N8KD » Fri, 30 Jan 2004 00:02:15

I've received two emails in the past week (one today), looking for
George Fetter...

Here is the text of one of them:

Hi my name is David Xxxxxx. I responded to an ad
posted on rec.aviation.piloting for a Lowrance Airmap
1000 gps for sale posted by George Fetter. He called
me about a week ago on his cell phone and we talked
for about 20 mins and agreed on a price for the gps. I
sent him a money order last Tuesday, called him about
5 mins after I sent it at the post office and he told
me he would call me when he got the money order and
was shipping the gps to me. Well, I tried calling him
starting last Friday and have called his cell phone
several times a day every day since then and have got
no response. I also sent him several e-mails and no
response. I started to get worried so I went back to
the post office where I got the money order and had
them put a trace on the money order to see if it has
been paid, but that will take about 30 days. I have
been reading other posts by and about about George on
some other newsgroups and noticed a post you had made.
I was wondering if you could confirm his home address
is 124 westwood dr in daytona beach, fl? I have some
relatives in Orlando and I wanted to give them a call
to see if they could contact him and find out what's
going on since it seems he's ducking me.
Please take care of your customers George! Don't want them making
inquiries to me, trying to track you down!

Holland, MI
Drake R7, R8 and R8B
PRO-2045 and BC895XLT