U.S. Customs, (U.S. Treasury Dept)

U.S. Customs, (U.S. Treasury Dept)

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165.2375            A1 National Simplex Customs/USCG
165.2375R         A2 166.4375 Input - National Repeater
166.4625R         A3 166.5875 Input - Treasury common
166.5875            A4 Customs/ATF Tactical, Simplex, No PL,
164.325              A5 Project Alliance, Simplex, San Diego
163.125R           A6 164.325  Input, Project Alliance Rptr.
165.4375            A7 Area Tactical, Simplex
165.4375R         A8 166.30  Input, Area Tactical
165.4375            B1 Area Tactical, Simplex
165.5125R         B2 166.275 Input, Area Tactical
165.7375            B3 Air Support, "X-RAY", Simplex
164.325              B4 Area Tactical, Simplex
164.2                   B5 Area Tactical, Simplex
165.7625R         B6 166.5875 Input, Area Tactical
162.050               B7 Area Tactical, Simplex
162.050R            B8 164.575 Input, Area Tactical
165.7625             ? Area Tactical, Simplex
163.6750R          162.925 Input, Border Patrol 5z PL, "Sector"
165.4625              04 166.5875 Treasury common, No PL
162.235                Customs ?
162.825                Customs & Border Patrol? (Rptr. Input)
165.850                Customs Tactical & Border Pat.?
163.100                Ear mikes (low-power)?
418.050                Communications (low-power)? & DEA "10"
418.575                Surveillance (low-power)??  & DEA "9"
27.575                  Surveillance (low-power)?
27.585                  Surveillance (low-power)?

Los Angeles DISTRICT/AREA 7, "900"
Los Angeles       Operations LAX direct/Helo    163.125
Los Angeles       Operations LAX rptr  168.5R,  163.125 Input
Project Alliance, San Diego, "200"
164.325     A5       Simplex
163.125R    A6    164.325 Input 100.0Hz
165.4375    B1     Customs, Tactical
Reserved    B2, B3, B6 and B7 (see above)

Coast Guard Enforcement  C1   164.9125
Coast Guard Enforcement  C2   164.550
Coast Guard Tactical 1       C3   165.3375
Coast Guard Tactical 2       C4   165.5625?
Coast Guard Tactical           C5   163.175
Coast Guard Enforcement  04   168.5R  164.9125 Input  no PL
Coast Guard tactical 1          03   162.125, Simplex
Coast Guard tactical 2          04   162.325, Simplex
Coast Guard car to car         03   165.3375, Simplex
Coast Guard Talk-Around   02   163.175
Coast Guard Law Enf.2           6   164.550?

Identifier      Function
Alfa            Reigon 7 (silent) "502"
Alfa            Patrol Division
Charlie     Communications Division
Delta        Contraband enforcement
Echo         Border Patrol Task Force
India          Investigations Office
Juliet         Operation Orion Narco Team
Kilo            Coast Guard Intelligence
Lima          Aircraft units
Mike          Marine units
Oscar        ATF Task Force
Papa         Patrol (deleted)
Romeo     Region administration
Sierra        Internal Affairs
Tango      Project Alliance Task Force
Zulu           Special assignments
B8, "1300"    San Jose Operations

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