Patrick AFB Area Log, Wednesday 25 June 2003

Patrick AFB Area Log, Wednesday 25 June 2003

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                          Wednesday 25 June 2003

                     1.    The Netherlands Air Force F-16s did not fly today,
                              they prepared for their departure on Thurs 26
                     2.    In lieu of posting one of today's logged acft to
my website, I
                              have instead uploaded a pic of a portion of my
monitoring shack,
                              more will follow including my antenna farm of
23 antennas (out
                              of a total of more than three dozen).

SEARCH 3: UH-1, NASA-KSC Security Helo.
8:40am: Departs Patrick to NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing Facility.
[133.75, 133.8, 128.55]

WIZARD: JSTARS 03 E-8 Back-End, Northrop-Grumman, Melbourne IAP.
9:05am: Extensive comms with Northrop-Grumman JSTARS ground station TERRA 5,
with Grumman Ops, and with JSTARS ground vehicles.  The vehicles drive to
various locations, sometimes stopping at the direction of Wizard or Terra 5, and
various tests are performed.  Today's GPS-equipped vehicles were BRAT 1 and
BRAT 2.  Comms were Lima Charlie from all parties.  Green comms heard on SATCOM
uplink as well. Some interesting fault isolation comms. JSTARS 03 landed at
[118.2; 132.65; 123.2; 141.85; 231.75; 308.85; 344.6 etc]

CG 6041: HH-60J  Clearwater CGAS
9:49am: Lands Patrick AFB.
[132.65, 133.75]

MAKO 11, MAKO 12: F-16, Homestead ARB 482FW
10:18am: Attacking three SA-6 targets at Avon Park Bombing Range.
[292.2, 264.625, 138.125]

CG 6017: HH-60J,  Fmr Kodiak AK bird, poss reassigned to CGAS-Clearwater.
10:29: Area transition, northwest.

FANG 01: F-15, FL-ANG 125FW 159FS Jacksonville IAP
10:35am: Working offshore area 5Xray.
[267.5, 341.1]

SHARKs: F-16s, Homestead ARB 482FW
10:35am: Attacking targets at Avon Park Bombing Range.
[292.2, 285.725, 139.8]

DOS 117: UH-1 Huey, US State Dept Intl Narcotics Mission, Patrick AFB.
10:37am: Ground comms.

GREYHAWK 02: E-2C, Norfolk VAW-120
11:10am: Lands Patrick.  
12:45pm: Departs to Norfolk.
[133.75, 132.65, 124.8, 133.475]

REACH 6011: Poss Dover 436AW C-5B 86-0011
12:00noon: Report inbound MacDill AFB to Lightning Ops, with pax, pallets,
rolling stock.

REACH 2291: C-17 #92-3291, McChord AFB 62AW
12:05pm: Arrives Patrick from Ascension.  Had departed Patrick to Antigua and
Ascension on Monday.

DOS 210: UH-1, US State Dept Intl Narcotics Mission, Patrick AFB.
12:10pm: Touch-and-goes.

N32613: PA-28R Piper Arrow, Patrick AFB Aero Club.
12:12pm: Local ops.

KING 55: C-130
12:15pm: Inbound MacDill AFB.

MUSTANG 01: CE-208B Cessna Caravan, US State Dept INM/AW, Patrick AFB
2:19pm: Departs Patrick.
4:30pm: Lands Patrick.
[133.75, 132.65]

GREYHAWK 01: E-2C Norfolk VAW-120
2:50pm: Departs to Norfolk.
Note: I heard Greyhawk 01 cleared for takeoff, but did not eyeball him in the
air or hear his handoff to Departure; he could have aborted the takeoff.

NASA 910: T-38N #65-10352, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
2:45pm: Departs NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing Facility.
[128.55, 124.8, 133.475, 134.0]

SHARK 21, Flight of F-16s, Homestead ARB 482FW
3:10pm: Working at Avon Park Bombing Range.
[307.1, 292.2, 264.625, 139.8]

MAKO 11: Flight of F-16s, Homestead ARB 482FW
3:28pm: Working Avon Park Bombing Range.
[292.2, 307.1]

JSTARS 03: E-8, Northrop-Grumman Integration Facility, Melbourne IAP
3:35pm: Lands Melbourne IAP.
[132.65, 118.2, 123.2]

BRONCO 10: OV-10D, US State Dept INM/Air Wing, Patrick AFB
4:40pm: Lands Patrick.
[132.65, 133.75]

BOLT 33: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
5:04pm: Reports to Lightning Ops: had pressurization problem on takeoff.

REACH 3048: C-5, Travis AFB 65-0006
6:05pm: Lands Patrick, bringing Cape Canaveral AFS Ordnance specialists back
from deployment, met by families.
10:13pm: Departs to Travis AFB.
[133.75, 132.65]

KING 70: HC-130P, Patrick AFB 920RQW
6:11pm: Ground comms regarding problems with cargo ramp; needs waiver to fly.
8:30pm: Departs Patrick, works over Atlantic, then drops at BamBam DZ.
[133.75, 321.0, 236.0]

JOLLY 21 Flight: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helos, Patrick 920RQW
7:05pm: Departs Patrick for local ops.
[133.75, 255.5]

RG 152: C-20G, VR-51 Kaneohe Bay MCAS
8:24pm: Inbound MacDill AFB, 20 minutes out.

SUMIT 24: C-130H #96-7324, Peterson AFB AFRC 302AW, 731AS.
9:00pm: Departs Patrick, drops at Judy DZ, comms with PJ retrieval boat
Gondola Yankee.
[133.75, 251.9]

11:44pm: Inbound MacDill AFB, 30 minutes out, no writeups.

BOLT 01: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
12:12am (after midnight): Announces 0430z (12:30am) ETA, with 43,000 pounds

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