Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 25 Oct 2005

Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 25 Oct 2005

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 25 Oct 2005

12:30am: Pan Pan announcement re red flare spotted over Indian River,
north of Eau Gallie Cswy; repeated several times.
[156.8, 157.15]

CG VESSEL 25433 (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat), Port Canaveral.
2:00am: Ops normal; coords to CG Sta Port Canaveral.
Note: For several weeks I have been also hearing CG asset(s) IDd as "CG
433," "CG 65433," and "CG 21433"; I am trying to make heads and tails
of all of them.

CG CUTTER 619 (CGC CONFIDENCE), Port Canaveral.
8:10am: Requests entry to Port Canaveral along with CGC 617 (CGC
Vigilant); comms with Canaveral Pilot, to West Basin home port.

CG VESSEL 25442, Port Canaveral.
10:31am, 2:14pm: Comms with CG Sta Port Canaveral.

CG 6533: HH-65C (Self-ID).
10:35am: Area transition, comms with CG Sta Port Canaveral at 28-19
North, 80-41 West, course 342, speed 80 knots, to CG Port Canaveral at
500 feet.
[133.75, 157.15]

MUSTANG 01: CE-208B #208B0163, US State Dept, Patrick AFB
10:38am: Departs Patrick AFB.
3:20pm: Lands Patrick.
[133.75, 132.65]

CG CUTTER ELM (WLB-204), Ocean Going Buoy Vessel, Atlantic Beach NC.
10:45am: Comms with CG Sta Port Canaveral while relocating buoys
disturbed by Hurricane Wilma; comms with Canaveral Pilots; comms with
CG Sta Port Canaveral. WLB-204 is supposedly based at Atlantic Beach
NC, but Canaveral Pilot IDd him as based at Ponce Inlet FL, perhaps
[156.6, 157.15]

CG CUTTER VIGILANT (WMEC-617), Port Canaveral.
11:01am: Comms with Canaveral Pilot.

SEARCH 01: UH-1N, NASA-KSC Security/Survey Helo.
11:02am: Lands Patrick.

ACFT 712: P-3C
11:20am: Air-air comms with Acft 711; passes coded location

CG 65433 (21433?)
11:56am, 12:28pm.

SWEET 03: C-130H #88-4403, Mitchell Field, Milwaukee 440AW AFRC
12:25pm: Arrives Patrick.
1:19pm: Departs to Moody AFB.
[118.4, 133.75, 132.65, 372.2]

ASCOT 5438: Royal Air Force.
12:38pm: En route to Belize.
[133.475, 133.275]

N___CS: P-3 (Self-ID), CBP.
12:43pm: Comms with Sealord: "Going operational."

LIMA LIMA 05: P-3C, NAS Jacksonville VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
12:45pm: Area transition.

JSTARS 03: E-8C.
12:48pm: Lands Melbourne IAP
[132.65, 118.2]

LA 052: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-5 "Mad Foxes."
1:00pm: To NAS Key West, then RTB NAS Jacksonville.
[132.65, 132.25]

REACH 571T: Pre-POTUS-Trip Acft.
2:24pm: Southbound.
NOTE: Dubya will be visiting the South Florida area Thursday to survey
the damage from Hurricane Wilma.

FANG 01, FANG 04: F-15, FL-ANG 125FW, Jacksonville IAP.
2:35pm: Checks into Charlie Airspace.

SNAKE 01, SNAKE 02: F-15, FL-ANG 125FW, Jacksonville IAP.
2:46pm: Checks into Charlie Airspace. SNAKE 01 is #75029. SNAKE 02 is
[301.0, 343.0]

REACH 578T: Pre-POTUS-Trip Acft.
3:05pm: Southbound.

REACH 577T: Pre-POTUS-Trip Acft.
3:07pm: Southbound.

AIR TRANSPORT 300: DC-8 (USAF Contractor)
5:25pm: Arrives Patrick.
8:20pm: Departs to TAPA (Antigua, downrange ETR site).
[133.75, 132.65, 132.25, 119.825]

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