ICOM Receivers R8500 R10 PCR1000 FS

ICOM Receivers R8500 R10 PCR1000 FS

Post by Steve Uhr » Fri, 02 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hello list entities,

For a while we are offering *NEW* ICOM R8500 receivers, in sealed
boxes with all accessories and a TWO year warranty, for $1625 plus
UPS. Further discount on two or more units. Current production, no
strings attached, just passing low prices from huge volume to all.

Other dealers offer only the factory one year warranty. We service in
house. Only condition for free extended warranty is no mods performed
and no one else attempts service.

These are current production receivers, not early production early
serial numbers with problems that we are trying to unload on
unsuspecting buyers.

Cellular unblocked to authorized users, unfortunately blocked only to
the rest of us without titles of nobility.

Our website has photos of the R8500 being used in several surveillance
listening posts around the world. Go to the What's New section, then
hit the photo gallery "A Day in the Life".

Similar deal on R10's. Price $450 + UPS.

Government or authorized users email or call for the lowest price on
R9000 in eleven years. No private sales on R9000.

PCR1000 for $489 + UPS.

We can take your check over the phone for the extra 2% the bank
charges us, or credit cards at no premium starting in January. Orders
prepaid only at these prices.

No tax on mail order sales in any state.

We may accept trades of other ICOM receivers (only) towards the above.
Email to inquire. To be honest though you will get a better price
selling to others than we can offer on a trade.

We are ICOM dealer #6307, selling ICOM back when the company was
called Inoue Communications, and one of the few facilities who
services in house. We sell and service commercial ICOM equipment only,
no amateur, no other brand. We've sold several hundred receivers on
these newsgroups, so plenty of history on us if inquiring minds need
to know.

Your new toy for 1998.

Regards to all ....... Steve

Steve Uhrig, SWS Security, Maryland (USA)
Mfrs of electronic surveillance equip, ICOM service center

tel +1+410-879-4035, fax +1+410-836-1190
"In God we trust, all others we monitor"