Cellular Interception Equipment

Cellular Interception Equipment

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                                      NEWS RELEASE

                             CELLULAR SURVEILLANCE INTERFACE

Electronic Countermeasures Inc. announces the release of new software to allow
the use of their Cellular Surveillance Interface (CSI) on any cellular system
world wide.

The CSI decodes the data transmitted on cellular control channels.  It
interprets the data as cellular commands, displays it on your PC screen, and
tunes your radio.

It is compatible with cellular systems in North America, Europe, the Middle
East, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc.  Anywhere there is a cellular system
using the AMPS, TACS or ETACS standards; including those international systems
that use variable control channel starting points for different countries.

In simple terms, the CSI reads the control channel data in a cell and switches
your radio to the specified voice frequency when a cellular call is placed or
received in that cell.  This allows you to monitor the call for voice quality,
etc.  When the call switches to a new voice channel, your radio now switches
as well.  In essence, the CSI turns your Icom, AR, or PRO series radio into an
extension of the phone you're monitoring.  No more partial calls.  You get it

The CSI is a high tech, low-cost test instrument for the cellular service
shop.  It has additional application as a fixed or mobile surveillance unit
for law enforcement, and a tool for the engineer or hobbyist in the
development of new cellular and other radio data applications.

The CSI is shipped complete with all cables, radio mod kit, and the latest PC
software package.

For further information contact:
                                  W. J. (Bill) Fischer

                                  Electronic Countermeasures Inc
                                  65 - 31 Avenue South West
                                  Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2S 2Y7
                                  +1 (403) 233-0644