ICOM R10 vs ICOM PCR1000.

ICOM R10 vs ICOM PCR1000.

Post by Carl Hodd » Fri, 19 Jan 2001 07:31:10

I heard that the ICOM PCR1000 receiver stored calibration values
in an eeprom and that some software or a bad command could erase
the values making the radio not work or work poorly. Also each
radio had a different value. I also heard you had to send the
radio back to ICOM and pay $$$ to fix it.

Is the ICOM R10 made the same way and can this also happen?

Is there a program that I can get from the net that will
recalibrate the radio to factory specs?

Is it commen for this to happen?

How does the R10 compare to the PCR1000 if they use the same antenna
in both HF and VHF/UHF? The specs look close and the R10 almost looks
like a handheld PCR1000 (on paper) and can be used via interface
to control the Radio just like the PCR1000.