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On 17 May 95 11:42am, RON wrote to ALL:

Quote:>>You may have a hard time finding any NEW scanners that receive Cell
>>phone freqs, since the law was passed that made it illegal to
>>manufacture ..........

 R> Au Contraire, _scanner breath_ !
 R> I have a BC300XLT that I  _don't_  listen to cell images ( 1005 - 1030
 R> Mhz )
 R> with. <G>

 I think we've been here before, although you've now used "cell images".
 You don't seem to understand the difference between cell freqs and cell
 images (witness the "Au Contraire", above).
 it is indeed illegal to import into, or manufacture in, the U.S., any
 scanner capable of tuning the cell frequencies, or of being easily modified
 to do so.
 Your BC300XLT does not prove that wrong, as you are receiving images of cell
 calls, on, as you point out, 1005 - 1030 MHz. These are NOT cell
 frequencies. It makes no difference where you bought the BC300XLT, the fact
 is, cell capable scanners are illegal to import or manufacture in the U.S.

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