Florida Military Comms Log - Wed, 28 Apr 2004

Florida Military Comms Log - Wed, 28 Apr 2004

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                 Wednesday, 28 Apr 2004

BOLT 22: KC-135R MacDill 6AMW
12:42am: 25 min out from MacDill AFB.

BOLT 31: KC-135R MacDill 6AMW
8:30am: Comms with MacDill's Lightning Ops.

FL CAP 409
9:00am: Comms re reprogramming new freqs, new designations.
Wish he had passed them over the air.  {:-D

PALM 39: C-17A Charleston 437AW
9:33am: In the pattern at Patrick AFB, RTB CHS with delay for AAR in AR-207.
[133.75, 132.65]

CG 6017: HH-60J Jayhawk, CGAS-Clearwater FL
9:37am: Working offshore at Patrick AFB, 300 feet and below.

BANDSAW KILO: E-3B AWACS Mission Crew, Tinker AFB 552ACW 964ACS
9:39am: Working in AW-020 near Key West, Tarpon Range, controlling MAKOs,
FURYs; in W-174A, F, G; 26-20 North, 79-02 West.
[323.1, 254.2, 344.2, 318.5, 322.5, 270.6, 141.65]

BOLT 32: KC-135R MacDill 6AMW
9:53am: AAR comms with Homestead AFB 482FW F-16 MAKO 11, near Key West.

MAULER 77: S-3B Jacksonville NAS VS-32 "Maulers"
10:08am: NASA-KSC Restricted Area

LEROY 05 Flight: CH-46E (3), New River MCAS HMM-264
10:15am: Departs Patrick AFB, southward along coastline, 200 feet and below.
Gets wx for Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, Caicos, Nassau, and Santo Domingo.
[133.75, 118.2, 344.6]
Acft are: 156464/EH-04, 157656/EH-05, and 153998/EH-13. I thank Colin Clark for
polling the tails.

OTIS 90: C-130T, Cherry Point MCAS VMGR-252
10:20am: Departs Patrick AFB, in support of LEROY flight.

CANFORCE 4310: C-130 (Prob Winnipeg 435 Sqdn)
10:25am: Area transition, southward.
[133.475, 132.15]

SHARKs: F-16C Flight, Homestead JARB 482FW 93FS
10:30am: Comms with BANDSAW KILO; IDs 318.5 as Flight Common; Pass kills on
318.5, Flight Common."
[318.5, 141.65]

SENTRY 40: E-3B AWACS, Tinker AFB 552ACW 964ACS
10:32am: With Metro.

SUNNY 938: RC-12N, Hunter AAF 224MIB.
11:10am: Lands Patrick AFB; later departs to Norfolk NAS.
Photo 055MVC-903

ROMAN 31: F/A-18, Oceana VFA-106 "Gladiators"
11:11am: Area transition.

REACH 117: C-17
11:20am: 30 min out.   11:45am: Lands Patrick AFB.
1:12pm: Departs.
[372.2, 133.75, 132.65, 124.8]
Photos 055MVC-904, 905, 906

KING 70: HC-130P #65-0970, Patrick AFB 920RQW 39RQS
11:46am: Departs Patrick AFB.
[133.75, 132.65, 124.8]

POISON 07: T-38A, Columbus 14FTW 50FTS "Stalking Snakes"
12:45pm: Area transition.

CUJO 01: C-27A, US State Dept Intl Narcotics Mission/Air Wing, Patrick AFB.
12:50pm: Departs Patrick AFB, pattern work at Melbourne IAP and Patrick AFB.
[133.75, 118.2]

RHET 41: KC-135R, Robins AFB 19ARG.
1:33pm: Inbound MacDill AFB.

JOLLY 11: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo, Patrick AFB 920RQW 301RQS
1:35pm: Departs Patrick AFB.
[133.75, 132.65, 255.5]

NASA 3: G-159 Gulfstream I, Marshall Space Flight Ctr AL
2:00pm: Departs NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing Facility.

RHET 87: KC-135R, Robins AFB 19ARG
2:15pm: Area transition.
For the past two weeks this flight, same callsign every day, flies this route.

YS 11: CH-46E, New River MCAS
2:25pm: Lands Patrick AFB.
4:05pm: Departs to Ft Lauderdale Exec.
[335.8, 269.375, 133.75, 132.65]

FURY 21 Flight
2:35pm: Working with BANDSAW KILO, MAKOs in Tarpon Range.
[322.5, 270.6]

LIMA FOXTROT 12: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-16 "War Eagles"
2:52pm: In Whiskey Area.

SHARK 23: F-16C, Homestead AFRC 482FW 93FS "Makos"
3:01pm: RTBs from W-174 to Homestead ARB as single ship, for fuel.

HAWK 85: F/A-18D, Beaufort MCAS VMFA(AW)-533 "Hawks"
3:25pm: En route Beaufort MCAS.
[267.5 Sealord]

HAWK 81: F/A-18D, Beaufort MCAS VMFA(AW)-533 "Hawks"
3:29pm: En route Beaufort MCAS.
[267.5 Sealord]

SC 312: P-3C, Brunswick NAS
3:40pm: Inbound NAS Jax, 30 min out.

LIMA LIMA 453: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
3:54pm: In Whiskey Area.

LIMA NOVEMBER 452: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-45 "Pelicans"
4:07pm: "Ops Normal" in Area 4 Xray.

LIMA LIMA 99: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
5:00pm: Check-in at FL250, 50 mi East of NAS Jax. Also relays comms for LN 452.

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