Scancat Gold & PCR-100

Scancat Gold & PCR-100

Post by Dan » Thu, 20 May 1999 04:00:00

Are there any users of Scancat gold and the Icom PCR-100. I'm really
interested in using Scancat Gold but since the tria "demo" version is so
limited I can't really get a good feel for the software.  don't eant to
spend that much money just to find out that its not worth a dang.

If you have both the PCR-100 and Scancat, please tell me your opinion on
the Scancat software. Is it better than the Icom software? I'm hoping
that it will let you link the banks together unlike the Icom software.

Just from what little bit I tried to use Scancat, I'm not really
thrilled with it. Its so basic looking.....althought it might just run
better on my laptop since its not graphic intense???

Just let me know what you think of it *if* you own both the PCR-100 and

BTW....where is the cheepest place to purchase Scancat?

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