Recorded comms, 7 Sept 2007

Recorded comms, 7 Sept 2007

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 Recorded comms, Fri 07-09-07, Patrick AFB
CG Aux 42705 (Cessna CE-182) comms with CG Sector Jax, passing
position reports during Port Canaveral security overflight.

AWACS "Darkstar" was controlling FL-ANG "FANGs" and "SNAKEs" and then
informed them to "contact Tarpon Range (near NAS Key West) on freq

Air Jamaica 010 passed position report "abeam SCOBY at 2000" for North
American Ops; SelCal GRHP.

Unid acft had comms with "Blackjack."

"Navy 5E 030," a T-34C from Whiting Field was up with St Pete Radio on
255.4, picking up an IFR flight plan to NAS Key West.

Patrick AFB C-130 "King 64" discusses delay of CSAR with Judy DZ
ground party "Gondola Charlie"; discusses maint problems with Patrick
AFB MOC; passes phone number of Gondola Charlie. Then comms during PJ
and RAM-Z package drops at Judy DZ and recovery of "survivor."

CG Station Canaveral had comms with CG Vessel 25577, and requested
that 25577 contact the station by landline. Likewise for CG Vessel

Also had the usual plethora of message on 157.1 from CG Sector Jax and
CG Sector Miami concerning hazards to mariners.