TANDY says Scan Shack e-mail was real !!!

TANDY says Scan Shack e-mail was real !!!

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Thank you Bill for all your work, effort, time, and dedication to run this one
down and get an answer !

Subject: Final Word on the Scan Shack Issue

Date: Thu, 07 October 1999 06:34 PM EDT

Radio Shack and Scan Shack

Final Word

October 07, 1999
18:20   EST

This should eliminate the tide of questions about the Scan Shack issue.

This evening I spoke with  Mr. Tony Magollas, the Public/Media Relations
Manager of Tandy Company.  Mr. Tony Magollas  verified that the email was sent
by Tandy: Mrs. Angle and for the specific reasons outlined in the email.

Mr. Tony Magollas also stated that Tandy does in fact maintain the position
that unauthorized modifications that violate the law is a serious concern to
the company.

Understanding that some users of scanners may choose to perform modifications
which would then violate the law it should be pointed out that in this day we
see product lawsuits and claims made to manufacturers of a variety of products
for damages which arise out of misuse of products after sale and in complete
disregard for the advice and guidance from the original manufacturer, the law
and often peers.

Regarding the sites name, that could be argued in a number of ways; Tandy does
maintain a position on the use of that name and stated so in the email.

When I got word from the creator of Scan Shack he stated that he assumed the
email was real and took measures to comply with it.  The conduct of the Scan
Shack seems to be a prudent measure and from all appearances he did not create
much of a fervor over the whole thing.

So in closing: The email was confirmed as VALID and Tandy stated its position
on the subject of unauthorized/illegal modifications which they endeavor to
prevent through customer education and product construction.

Concerns arose that with a similar name it could be misconstrue as an official
or authorized web site which contained items which contrasted Tandy's policies.
This is an ongoing problem on the web which is not limited to any one product
or person.

I hope this answers questions posted to my guestbook, here on the newsgroups,
in emails and calls.

Bill Ames;

Creator ScanPB
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