AOR8000 vs Yupiteru MVT 7100/7200

AOR8000 vs Yupiteru MVT 7100/7200

Post by Jonathan Cloug » Sun, 05 May 1996 04:00:00

> > Does anyone have any practical experience in comparing these 2(/3)
> > scanners?  I have an 8000 and a friend is undecided. Computer
> > control, Scout connectivity, alpha tagging are fantastic. Are the
> > 7200's specs. that much better?? Obviously hf is not of real
> > importance in the equation.

> The performance of the MVT7100 as a radio is actually slightly better
> than the AR8000. However, the AR8000 has the external control facility
> plus the alpha tagging. If you don't want computer control, go for
> the 7100. (The AR8000 is not available anyway cos it has not got CE
> approval).

I would have to agree with Richard (Arghh!) and say that IMO the
MVT-7100 is the better "receiver" than the AR8000. Difference is
marginal but on a black/white divide the '7100 wins. Audio is better to
me also. The AR8000 does though have ll the bells and whilstles, which,
if you can really make use are well worth it.

The MVT-7100 is appearing with "CE" approval so should start to "appear"
once more - as to whether the revised model has any changes in
performance (good/bad) we will have to see.

Quote:> The MVT7200 is a Japanese home market model only. It has gaps in its
> coverage and will never be CE approved for European sale.

Eh ?

Certainly the MVT-7200 is still available in Japan however as nobody
seems to have put this forward for CE approval it is no longer available
for sale in the UK (& EC) unless you find a dealer who has stock
imported prior to Jan 1 1996. This is why initially the MVT-7200 was
advertised by some as a "limited edition" - it ws unlikley it was going
to be brought into Europe after Jan 1st.

With reference to coverage both the MVT-7100 & MVT-7200 if purchased IN
Japan have gaps in their coverage - it is certainly not something unique to
the MVT-7200. They have some of the Japanese Phone frequencies deleted
however they are simple to convert to full coverage and all "Export"
versions are full coverage.

The only difference between the Japanese "home market" version of the
MVT-7100 and the "export" version is one single surface mount component
which if in place blocks out certain frequencies. The same applies to
the MVT-7200.

I would say the MVT-7200 is the better of all three radios. In
comparrison to the MVT-7100 performance on the HF bands is better, SSB
is sharper and the Narrow AM mode hels when using it for AM Broadcast
listening. The internal ferite bar antenna works...but thats all. The
backlighting can turned on permanently andwhich is a good move. One downside
is that audio is not as crisp and I prefer the MVT-7100 sound.

At the end of the day they are all good sets !

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