Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 27 Dec 2004

Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 27 Dec 2004

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Monday 27 Dec 2004

SEARCH 01: UH-1H, NASA-KSC Security/Survey Helo
   10:30am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick; full stop.
[128.55, 133.75]

N961BW: CASA C-212, Av Worldwide Svc, Melbourne (Govt Contractor)
   11:59am: Local airword; Radio Checks with Patrick; RTB KMLB.
[118.2, 132.65, 133.75]
Note: This acft was a stable-mate of the C-212 that went down in Afghanistan

AIR TRANSPORT 300: DC-10, Air Transport Intl (USAF Contractor)
   12:25pm: Departs to Antigua; will continue to Ascension.

JV 810 (Probable callsign)
   3:10pm: Area transition.

HERC 91: C-130
   5:01pm: Lands Patrick AFB.

KING 55: HC-130P #64-14855, Patrick AFB 920RQW 39RQS.
   6:00pm: Departs Patrick after brief local work.
[133.75, 132.65, 133.475, 134.0]

   6:49pm: Area transition.

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