FS: Pro-2042 with OS535 Cellular Unblocked

FS: Pro-2042 with OS535 Cellular Unblocked

Post by Michael A. Waldro » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

For Sale:
 OS535 Equipped Radio Shack PRO 2042 Scanner

Feature List:
  1000 Memory channels
  Sound Squelch
  Tape Recorder Output
  Switchable 10dB attenuiator

 OptoScan 535
  Full computer control of scanner
  Fully Unblocked (800MHz)
  CTCSS Decode
  DCS Decode
  DTMF Decode
  100ch/sec Scan Speed
  Unlimited memory channels
  Discriminator Output
  Reaction tune via Opto Scout

I will also transfer my license for Probe v4.0 software, and include
a registered copy of Scancat Gold for Windows Survelliance Edition.

All together at current purchace prices, this combo is worth over

I'm selling the pacakge deal, including shipping and COD (US only)
for $550.00obo

Everything is in perfect working order, and looks great as well.

Please e-mail me any questions as well as serious offers.