New scanners and dead scanners

New scanners and dead scanners

Post by Brett Miller - N7O » Thu, 16 Jun 1994 19:29:26

Some info on future scanner models...

Subject:  #Info on new RS scanners! - Msg Number: 277506
   From:  Howard Bornstein 76174,637
     To:  All
  Forum:  HAMNET   Sec: 02-VHF/UHF Scanning
   Date:  14-Jun-94  03:59:29

Here is some information gleened tonight from a very reliable source:

There will be three new scanners available from Radio Shack this year.

One is the much-discussed 1000 channel, triple-conversion base scanner, made by
GRE. It will be called the PRO-2035. Memory is arranged in ten banks of 100 channels
each. Each channel has individual lockout and delay. The PRO-2035 also has 10
search banks.

A PRO-2035 feature, which is new to GRE-made radios, is its auto search/store
capability. Using it, you can automatically store active frequencies, found durign a
search, into the channels of Bank 1. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't check for
duplicates, so you may fill up the bank with the same frequency, especially if it finds
an open carrier or something similar.

Coverage is 25 Mhz to 1300 Mhz, minus cellular, which will not be restorable, and
minus UHF TV audio. User can switch between AM, FM and wide FM modes and can
also set search increments.

The scanner scans and searches at 50 cps. Another new feature to Radio Shack
scanners is its VFO tuning knob. In one mode it'll let you move quickly up and down
the memory channels while in another mode it'll act as a direct search knob and let
you move up or down from a given frequency at a user-selectable step.

Unfortunately, many of the features we have been hoping for on a high-end base
scanner from Radio Shack are missing in the PRO-2035. Foremost is the lack of any
kind of built-in computer interface. It is baffling in a new, 1000-channel scanner that it
doesn't come with some way to connect to a computer. We will probably have to wait
for a company like OptoElectronics to design a computer interface.

Secondly, there will be no PL/CTCSS decoding capability and no add-in boards with
this capability to be offered by Radio Shack. No signal strength meter or hit counter

The unit is, unfortunately, supposed to have a "cheap" feel to it, as RS has apparently
tried to cut costs by using cheaper components, such as a flimsier cabinet, a thinner
power cord, etc.

Even though the channel capability has been increased, this is a rather disappointing
offering from Radio Shack. Two of the most desired features, computer interface and
PL decoding, are missing from the unit. It is using the clumsy 100 channel-per-bank
memory allocation, unlike the new AR8000. And its features, from auto-store to its
speed, are rather dull, particularly compared to current Uniden scanners. It's main
strength is that it is a triple-conversion GRE-designed scanner. As a radio, it should
be quite good. But in terms of features, Radio Shack is getting clobbered by Uniden.

Radio Shack will also be releasing a triple-conversion handheld, also made by GRE,
called the PRO-62. This will fit somewhere between the PRO-51 and the PRO-43. I
presume 200 channels, although this wasn't specifically mentioned. However, it will
lack the military air band and it will have no direct search capabilities.

The third GRE-made scanner is the PRO-2037, a 200-channel, triple-conversion, base
scanner with selectable modes.

I'll post more information as I get it. Thanks to Steve Share who helped me compile
this information (no he's not the source, but he's also reliable <G>).


Subject:  #277506-#Info on new RS scanners! - Msg Number: 277519
   From:  Jeff Goldman 76703,4224
     To:  Howard Bornstein 76174,637
  Forum:  HAMNET   Sec: 02-VHF/UHF Scanning
   Date:  14-Jun-94  05:48:03

Since the Pro62's ready, I wonder if it will be out sooner rather than later. Also, what
happened to a "Pro2036"? There's now a Pro2030, 2032, 2034, 2035, and 2037
(including your list). I don't remember if there's a 2033.

You didn't mention alphanumerics for the 2037, but I called Steve Share and he said
that it wouldn't have that. And that the BC8500XLT IS DISCONTINUED! The only worse
news would be if RS does go ahead and kill off the Pro2006, considering that the price
of it and the Pro2035 are probably the same.

Strange that Uniden would kill off the BC8500XLT since it's unmodifiable. Or is it? <g>
Also, with its strong images of cellular (in the 1200+MHz range), it sounds like they
used similar technology to the BC2500XLT for 800MHz reception. Did we ever
ascertain if Lescomm found a resistor to move or whatever to restore cellular?

By the way, as of now, still no AR8000s in the UK.


Subject:  #277519-#Info on new RS scanners! - Msg Number: 277670
   From:  Howard Bornstein 76174,637
     To:  Jeff Goldman 76703,4224
  Forum:  HAMNET   Sec: 02-VHF/UHF Scanning
   Date:  14-Jun-94  15:10:11

Jeff, Unfortunately, it does look like the PRO-2006 will be killed off. Our source
thought so and the stores can't get them anymore. That leaves the PRO-2035 as the
sole high-end base model for RS and it's not much of an improvement over the 2006
(in fact, once can argue that it's worse, with its awkward 10 banks of 100 channels).

If AOR got it right this time, and (as it appears) if they are serious about the US market
(by making a version that has cellular deleted) then the AR8000 and the AR5000 (base
model) may fill a real hole in the US scanner line-up.

Maybe the AR5000 will be enough of a threat to prompt Yupiteru to revive the
long-delayed MVT-8100.

Regards, Howard

Subject:  #New Uniden scanners! - Msg Number: 277523
   From:  Steve Share 70242,2472
     To:  All
  Forum:  HAMNET   Sec: 02-VHF/UHF Scanning
   Date:  14-Jun-94  06:20:41

Following up on Howard's report on the new RS/GRE scanners, there is also news of
new Uniden models to be introduced next week at the Summer Consumer Electronics
Show in Chicago:

BC-60XLT: This is the new low-end Uniden handheld, the key here is low price. It's
referred to by Uniden as a "10 band" scanner, it will have 800 mHz (all new Unidens
will have it), and possibly aircraft.

BC-80XLT: one up from the bottom, this has 12 bands vs. 10 in the BC-60.

BCT-7: the new Beartracker, will have 100 channel memory, keyboard, and band
search.  It's a "mobile" sized scanner, between a handheld and a base.

BC-144XL: a new base scanner, 16 bands, and a "more radically modern design".

BC-178XLT: higher-end base scanner, 100 channels, service search.

All new Unidens will have the 800 mHz band, turbo scan, and data skip.

The 8500 is discontinued, and does not (at the moment) have a replacement.

I'll be at CES next week and hopefully will get literature on these to better fill in the
picture.  With nothing really interesting from Uniden, and the disappointing info on the
GRE 1000 channel RS unit, it seems like the AOR 8000 is the only interesting game in
town.  And no new info as far as availability, as Jeff will agree.  There is some news
of the AOR 5000, something further off in the future which appears to be a further
evolution of the 3000A, rather than an 8000 in a base configuration.  Nothing definite
at this point, though.


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