TrunkPCR version 0.90.271 Now Available

TrunkPCR version 0.90.271 Now Available

Post by Jay » Fri, 25 Jun 2010 14:25:57

TrunkPCR version 0.90.271 Now Available for Downloading from homepage:

NOTE: Moto Type-I Support *should* be finished in the next major update.

This update has Five Changes, One Addition and Two Fixes...

 Jun   07,2010 - Fixed: Setting Minimum Date of DateTimePicker in Timed
Recorder with all Regional Settings.
 Jun   12,2010 - -----: COM Ports Now Selectable up to COM255.
 Jun   12,2010 - -----: Now Displays ALL Available COM Ports.
 Jun   13,2010 - -----: Timed Recorder Current Date now Displayed per
Default Regional Setting.
 Jun   20,2010 - -----: Squelch Responds to Actual PCR Model.
 Jun   20,2010 - Added: DTCS Squelch Selector.
 Jun   20,2010 - Fixed: CTCSS and DTCS Squelch Search in Main & Dual
 Jun   23,2010 - -----: Decoder Channels now Set to One if Receiver Type is
Set to Single.

Version 0.90.271 Released 06/23/2010