Trunked Radio Information Homepage = NEW! User Forums

Trunked Radio Information Homepage = NEW! User Forums

Post by Lindsay C. Blanto » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 00:37:02


The SE US Trunked Radio Information Homepage is please to announce the
addition of Radio Trunking and Trunktracker related user forums to the
page.  These user forums were created for the sole purpose of
facilitating the exchange of Trunked Radio Information for hobbyists
and professionals alike, as well as allowing folks to intercommunicate
about specific systems in a regional area of the Southeast.

There are user forums for each state covered by the SE US Trunked
Radio Information homepage, as well as additional forums for specific
trunking system types, trunker/etrunker discussion, and ASTRO/Digital
trunking systems.  Some other specific uses for the forum  -->

- Do you have a question about information regarding a specific system
in your area?  Post the question, and someone out there will most
likely have a answer!
- Do you have a collection of trunking frequencies and talkgroup id's
for a specific system? Post it on the forum, and share the information
with your fellow hobbyists!
- Can't program that new trunktracker scanner?  Post a question to the
- Trouble getting trunker/etrunk working... post a question!

Please do stop by, check out the forums, and post a message to one of
the regional forums introducing yourself!  To post to the message
forums, you must register with the discussion board. This insures that
Spam is kept to a minimum, and that the quality of the postings
provide the detailed information that these pages are all about.
Click on the link called "Register" on the discussion forums page to
start.  No registration is required to browse the forums.

You can access the discussion forum at

Warmest regards, and Happy Holidays!

Lindsay Blanton
Webmaster -