Military acft comms log, Patrick AFB FL Area

Military acft comms log, Patrick AFB FL Area

Post by AllanSte » Wed, 22 Sep 2004 17:39:00

Monday 20 Sep 2004

Two long-absent visitors returned today:
   FAB 65 is one of the Bolivian Air Force's transports that used to be a
regular visitor. He usually stopped at Patrick before continuing to Opa Locka.
   NASA 963, my favorite NASA T-38, is always a heartwarming visitor.
   The Hurricane Hunters continue to fly all around us, heard here and on HF
comms throughout the entire day (and even now as I type this at 4:29am

FAB 65: C-130, Bolivian Air Force
11:35am: Lands Patrick AFB

JOLLY 12: HH-60G, Pave Hawk Helo
12:00 noon: Hover checks.

MAULER 14: S-3B, Jacksonville NAS VS-32 "Maulers"
12:54pm: Area transition, northward; descends to Jacksonville.
[269.3, 273.55, 251.15, 351.8]

ROPER 91: C-130, Ft Worth NAS JRB, TX-ANG 136AW
1:00pm: Lands Patrick.
2:50pm: Departs to Ft Worth NAS.
[133.75, 383.0]

JOLLY 11: HH-60G, Pave Hawk Helo
1:01pm: Local work.

TEAL 99: WC-130, Keesler AFB 403W 53WRS "Hurricane Hunters"
1:05pm: Area transition.
7:04pm: Heard again.

PAT 258: US Army Priority Air Transport
1:27pm: Area transition.
[135.075, 134.8]

AIR TRANSPORT 300: DC-8 (USAF Contract Acft)
1:30pm: Departs Patrick to Antigua.
[133.75, 132.65, 132.15]

ROPER 94: C-130, Ft Worth NAS JRB, TX-ANG 136AW
2:20pm: Area transition.

KING 55: HC-130P #64-14855, Patrick AFB 920RQW 39RQS
7:00pm: Departs Patrick, then lands immediately, "Pilot ADI [attitude director
indicator] frozen."
[133.75, 321.0]

NASA 963: T-38N #59-1603 (my favorite NASA T-38)
9:50pm: Lands NASA Space Shuttle Landing Facility.
[133.9, 125.075, 132.25, 124.8, 132.65, 128.55]

NASA 920: T-38N #66-8386, Johnson Space Ctr
10:47pm: Lands?/Departs? NASA Space Shuttle Landing Facility.

10:49pm: Area  transition.

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