Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 22 Mar 2005

Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 22 Mar 2005

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Patrick AFB Area Log - Tues, 22 Mar 2005

It is getting to seem like old times as the launch date for the Space
Shuttle's "Return to Flight" launch draws closer.  For the past week multiple flights
of astronauts in their T-38s have been heard coming and going to/from KSC.
More were heard today.

2:25am: "Test, test, test; 1-2-3; test, test, test." Repeated numerous times
by male and female.

REACH A612: KC-10A #79-0434.
6:28am: Comms with MacDill Lightning Ops. Rqsts call to DSN 449-4149 Soto
Cano AB Dusty Ops (Honduras) re 1400 ETA w 28 pax, 15 pallets to offload.

NASA 901: T-38N #66-8381, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
9:45am: Lands at Cape Canaveral AFS because of active ops over Shuttle
Landing Facility.
[393.0, 284.0]

DOS 436: OV-10D #155436, US State Dept Air Wing, Patrick AFB
9:48am: Local training; spraying gear visible.
Photos: 063MVC-462, 463.

10:00am: Acft in steep climbs, operations over SLF; possibly Stave 01?

COIL 11: F-15, FL-ANG 125FW 159FS Jacksonville.
10:10am: Comms with AWACS.

MAKO 11, MAKO 12: F-16C, Homestead JARB AFRC 482FW 93FS
10:11am: Comms with Mr Mako Ops re wx.
10:55am: In Tarpon Range.
[303.15, 370.85]

BOLT 23: KC-135R, MacDill AFB 6AMW
10:40am: Comms with TBOLT F/A-18.
12:18pm: Comms with TBOLT 41.
12:41pm: Inbd MacDill; no writeups.
[311.0, 292.1]

LIMA LIMA 32: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
10:56am: Working in Area 8Xray.
11:27am: Arrives Patrick for pattern work.
1:45pm: RTB KNIP.
[267.5, 132.65, 133.75]
Photo: 063MVC-459.

DACTYL 18: C-32B, Eglin AFB 486FLTS
11:33am: Pattern work at Patrick; dep to Crestview A/p.
Photos: 063MVC-457, 458, 460, 461.

STARGATE: E-8C JSTARS Mission Crew, Robins AFB 116ACW 330CTS
11:40am: Calling NIGHTSTAR.

TBOLT 41: F/A-18, Beaufort VMFA-251 "Thunderbolts"
12:13pm: In Pinecastle Range area, tells BOLT 41 will be last acft of day.
Wingman TBOLT 42 RTBd with mech problem. TBOLT 31/32 flight skipped AAR and RTBd
due to wx cell at Jax. TBOLT 41 has "206" in tail number.
[267.5, 292.1]

REACH 754T: C-141
12:35pm: Departs Patrick to MacDill AFB; possibly picking up USSS gear after
recent POTUS visit.
[133.75, 132.65, 124.8]
Photo: 063MVC-464.

CHALICE FOXTROT: E-3 AWACS Mission Crew, Tinker AFB 963ACS
1:01pm; Comms on AICC.

NASA 963: T-38N #59-1603, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
1:45pm: Inbound Patrick AFB.

NASA 956: T-38N #69-7084, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
1:59pm: Departing area after RON at KSC.

N21NG: LJ-35A LearJet #343, Northrop Grumman JSTARS Facility, Melbourne IAP.
2:10pm: Lands Melbourne IAP.

NASA 908: T-38N #65-10328, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
2:15pm: Lands Shuttle Landing Facility.
5:45pm: Departs to New Orleans. Air-air with NASA 960.
[128.55, 124.8, 132.65, 134.0, 235.4].

KING 79: HC-130P NY-ANG 106RQW 102RQS Gabreski A/p NY.
3:00pm: Drops in Judy DZ.
[133.75, 251.9].

JOSA 628: C-21A #84-0116.
5:32pm: Inbound MacDill with 5 pax, incl one R-6.
7:45pm: Departs to Charleston.
[311.0, 127.475]

NASA 960: T-38N #70-1552, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX.
5:35pm: Departs SLF.
[128.55, 124.8, 133.475, 134.0, 127.475, 125.175, 235.4]

6:10pm: Very Lima Charlie comms; Spanish; Brazilian "pirates."
[262.375 NFM]
File: 05-03-22satcom.wav

RHET 81: KC-135R, Robins 19ARG.
6:39pm: AAR comms w JAWS 96.
[327.6, 135.075, 134.85]

6:58pm: Comms with Rhet 81.
[327.6, 119.825]

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