FS: RS Pro-51 and Freq Counter

FS: RS Pro-51 and Freq Counter

Post by John LeMa » Fri, 04 Jan 2002 11:49:28

Hi folks,

I've decided to not post these up on ebay after all.

I have a Pro-51 in very nice condition, rarely used - never taken out of
the house. Date code 7A4. Yes, you can get "extras" on this via the
service mode of the rig. Look around, you'll find it! No manual or box,
comes with the original antenna.

I also have a RS frequency counter in it's original box, used two or three
times probably. Original paperwork, antenna, etc. included - REALLY like

$125 for both, makes a nice pair! Buyer to pay actual (or close to)
shipping. Any method, you pick. I'll go by what the shipper's website
estimates shipping costs at.


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