FS: Radio Shack Pro-43 scanner.

FS: Radio Shack Pro-43 scanner.

Post by VE2CJ » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 11:15:27

I have a very good condition PRO-43 that hasn't been tampered with. It
covers the following bands:
30-54 mhz
118-174 mhz
220-512 mhz including military aircraft band
806-999.9875 mhz with 2 gaps in the cellular band.
It has 200 memories.

If you remove a single diode, you can get the full cellular band back.
Comes with instruction manual, original box and instructions for all
the mods available for that model. Asking $200. U.S. shipping included.
Inquire by email if interested.
Regulations forbid shipping c.o.d. to the U.S. and PayPall is not
international. Other arrangements can be made and I can give references
in the U.S. an Canada if needed.

73 de VE2CJW
Michel Morin

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