Pro-92: Multiple Talkgroup Banks on same trunked system

Pro-92: Multiple Talkgroup Banks on same trunked system

Post by Bill Crocke » Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:48:52

Hi Dave...

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Bill Crocker

Quote:> As someone who has recently migrated from a good old Pro-90 to a new
> Pro-92b, I have a few simple questions that hopefully someone can help
> me to answer.

> First, the old Pro-90 allowed me to set up five banks of ten
> talkgroups to be "scanned", per trunked system.  The Pro-90 only scans
> one trunked system at a time, but it is nice that it allowed me to set
> up my talkgroup ID's into multiple banks.  The way I used that feature
> was to set one bank for all "Multnomah County Police" talkgroup ID's,
> one bank for all "Multnomah County Fire" talkgroup ID's, one for all
> "Multnomah County EMS/Emergency" talkgroup ID's, and one bank for all
> "Multnomah County Sheriff" talkgroup ID's.  Then I could turn banks on
> and off as desired.

> The nagging limitation was that the banks could only hold 10 ID's, and
> there were only 5 banks.

> So I bought a Pro92b, which seems to really be a great scanner.  It
> handles the Portland Oregon trunking system seemingly flawlessly.  And
> though one frequency bank can hold up to 100 talkgroup ID's, I'm
> disappointed that there is no way to arrange these 100 ID's into
> sub-banks.  I must listen to all talkgroups in a particular trunking
> bank, or none (or manually lock some out).  But I cannot selectively
> turn on or off groups of ID's.

> The only solution that I can see seems to be to set up multiple
> frequency banks with the same set of frequencies (ie, the same
> trunking system) and use each of these frequency banks to hold a
> separate bank of trunk-ID's.  This solution works fine from what I can
> tell with only a couple of drawbacks:

> 1) Scanning seems to be slowed down a little.  It appears that the
> scanner spends 1.5 seconds looking at one bank, and 1.5 seconds
> looking at the next, and so on.  So if it takes a total of 6 seconds
> to scan through 4 banks, I could end up missing conversations.

> 2) I must use multiple frequency banks (that would be more
> efficiently used for some other purpose) to contain the same
> frequencies so that I can store different ID's in each bank.  This
> seems like a waste of frequency channels.

> So my question is, am I doing this right?  Is there a better way to be
> able to turn on and off various groups of talkgroup ID's other than my
> current method of dedicating multiple frequency banks to the same
> trunked system?  Is there much scanning delay, as I fear?

> Any suggestions and comments would be welcomed.

> Dave