Patrick AFB, Avon Park, NASA-KSC - 22 May 2003

Patrick AFB, Avon Park, NASA-KSC - 22 May 2003

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Note: All Combat Air Patrol callsigns/freqs, security-sensitive items, and
active law enforcement information have been removed from this log before

                                 Thursday, 22 May 2003
                 Meteorological buffs might enjoy a trip to my website today.
                 I have uploaded some pics of acft during some wx changes here
                 at Patrick AFB.

LIMA LIMA 13: P-3C, Jacksonville VP-30 "Pro's Nest" Sqdn
9:00am: Two touch-and-goes at Patrick; departs due to wx.
10:59am: ATC (135.075) has American AL flight attempt to raise LL 13 and direct
him to switch to Sealord freq 120.95 or 267.5.
[133.75, 132.65; 135.075]

BERRY 540: SW-4 Swearingen Metroliner, Berry Aviation, Gov't Contractor.
9:33am: Departs Patrick to Palm Beach IAP during tremendous downpour here.
[133.75, 132.65, 132.25]

N21NG: LJ-35 LearJet, Northrop Grumman JSTARS Facility, Melbourne IAP.
9:30am: Departs Melbourne IAP.
1:45pm: E/r back to Melbourne IAP.
[118.2, 132.65, 124.8]

GUNFIGHTER 17: F-14D, Oceana VF-101 "Grim Reapers" Sqdn
10:01am: Area transition southbound; YL & OM comms.
[319.0, 353.6]
For several days, GUNFIGHTER F-14s and ROMAN F/A-18s, both from Oceana, have
been transitioning to and from NAS-Key West.

NASA 901: T-38N #66-8381, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX.
10:05am: Lands NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing Facility.
1:30pm: Departs SLF to Ellington Field.
[128.55, 124.8, 133.475, 127.1, 126.525 (FL 390), 128.225, 133.9]
I could have held this guy for at least another handoff, and he was over on the
FL west coast.

BOLT 02: KC-135R, MacDill 6AMW
10:31: To MacDill, routing via Lakeland.  Announces inbound, wkg Lightning Ops.
[135.075, 119.825, 133.475; 311.0]

NASA 950: G-IISP: Gulfstream II, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston.
10:55am: Departs Cape Canaveral AFS.  Thought I heard the tower read his
clearance to McGuire; Mike heard clearance to Houston.  Fellow monitors did not
hear him arrive at either destination.  On trips to Houston, I usually hold the
acft  comms all the way to the west coast, but lost this guy soon after handoff
to Departure, but Mike's opinion seems logical.

LIFTER 31: C-17, Charleston AFB 437AW
11:15am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick; terminates because of electrical problem;
considers IFE, but RTBs CHS instead (Orlando-J53-Craig-CHS).  Gets 1600z CHS wx
from Patrick Metro.
[133.75, 132.65, 124.8; 344.6]
Short stay in the pattern, but I got a nice shot of him with his nose in the
clouds and tail in the clear.  

GUNFIGHTER 01: F-14D, Oceana VF-101 "Grim Reapers" Sqdn.
11:15am: Area transition, e/r NAS-Key West, w lots of wx diversions.
[348.7, 319.0]

N1243E: Cessna Ce-208B #208B1005, US State Dept, Intl Narcotics Mission,
Patrick AFB.
12:02pm: Departs Patrick.
This is one of several new additions to the DOS acft at Patrick.

LIFTER 35: C-17, Charleston AFB 437AW
1:28pm: Works the pattern at Patrick for about an hour and a half.
2:55pm: Departs to Charleston; had to fight for the nice direct
Orlando-J53-Craig-CHS routing.
[133.75, 132.75, 124.8]
Lifter 35 game me the photo of the day.  It will be up on my website by the
time you read this.  Putting up a shot of Lifter 31 trying to pierce the
clouds, so you can compare the conditions.  Quite a difference huh?

JOSA 672: C-21A LearJet.
1:51pm: Landing at Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip; rqsts fuel.
[124.8, 118.625]

FLIGHT CHECK 98: C-29A (Hawker 125), SAF/FAA Facility Check Sqdn
1:51pm: Area transition.
Heard this chap Lima Charlie when he was over Sarasota, per his comms.

MAKO 11: F-16 Flight, Homestead ARB AFRC 482FW
2:00pm: HARBs, high- and low-dive bombing at Avon Park Bombing Range and Placid
[307.1, 292.2, 285.725, 138.125]

AKULA 31: F-16 Flight, Homestead ARB AFRC 482FW
2:25pm: Entering Avon Park Bombing Range; reports hearing ELT.
[301.7, 138.125]

SHARK 21: F-16 Flight of 4, Homestead ARB AFRC 482FW
2:29pm: Working Avon Park Bombing Range.  3:00pm: "Tanks dry; will RTB."
3:13pm: Departing Range, passes Maintenance info to Mr Mako ("23 is Code 2 for
secure voice.").
[307.1, 292.2, 285.725, 138.025, 138.125, 303.15]

LN 453: P-3C, NAS Jacksonville VP-45 "Pelicans" Sqdn
2:52pm: Area transition.
6:24pm: Area transition, e/r NAS Jax. Passes PIREP to Patrick Metro when 100
miles from Orlando; ETA Jax is 1950 Local.
[135.075; 133.475, 126.35, 344.6]

JOLLY 11: HH-60G, Pave Hawk Helo, Patrick AFB 920RQW 301RQS
2:53pm: Departs Patrick Golf Helipad.

N143CS: P-3B #LC5243, AEW&C Dome, USCS  Jacksonville
3:10pm: Area transition.
We also had N143KS, a civvy transport earlier, so listened well for this guy.

KING 76: C-130, ex-Portland 939RQW.
7:25pm: Departs Patrick.
[269.375, 281.425]
Spending a lot of time at Patrick; I need to confirm assignment here tho,
before I "declare" him a Patrick bird.

JT 359: C-9B, Willow Grove VR-52 "Taskmasters" Sqdn
7:57pm: Area transition, "direct Hobee."
Hearing a JT now always reminds me of Rene's great pics taken at the Oceana
show a year ago.

7:59pm:  Usual announcement to "all Military acft," for the obvious reason.

JOLLY 21, JOLLY 22: HH-60Gs, Patrick AFB 920 RQW, 301 RQS
8:00pm: Local ops.

NASA 920: T-38N 66-8386, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
8:52pm: Inbound to NASA-KSC SLF.
[284.0, 132.25, 133.475]
The Butcher "had to" go outside before I could follow this guy to the ground

NAVY TIGER 09: Prob E-2C Hawkeye, Norfolk VAW-125.
9:45pm: Area transition.
Brunswick NAS VP-8 "Tigers" Sqdn have used TIGER c/s too, but this did not
sound like a P-3.

AL STERN  Satellite Beach FL  (28-11N  80-36W) monitoring
  Patrick AFB (KCOF)             NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing Facility (KX68)
  Avon Park Bombing Range (KAGR)    Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (KXMR)
  JSTARS E-8 Acft Integration Facility, Melbourne IAP (KMLB)
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