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> >    You are not going to have trouble because of this post
> > YOU are just another victim of the Kentucky rip off artist.

>         How can I be a victim if I haven't bought anything from him?

  you already are a victim because " no one " including myselfcan be sure that " You "
arent in fact " that " person
( and probably are. )

Quote:> > Dozens of people have been ripped by them lately ...
> > to the point where posts from Kentucky on E-Bay get
> > plain ignored ..  this person is trying to help keep people
> > informed ...

>         Fine, I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is the
> blanket statement that *no-one* from Kentucky should be trusted. Rather
> than use common sense and checking into the seller, he is forgeoing his
> responsibility and lumping honest people in with dishonest people. That
> isn't fair to honest people like me.

  now you get it ...now you understand why YOU are the victim. NO ONE in their right
mind would do any business with anyone
from Kentucky ( right now ) because its literally impossible to be
sure with whom you are doing business. That fact is obvious , even at
e-bay ...and it has nothing to do with this person that you are
bad mouthing. Its too late ....


> >that fact that your are a victim in this is not  HIS fault.

>         I never said that, nor did I say that I was a victim.

  boy ...you just don't get it ....." it doesn't matter that youaccept it or not
...YOU have very little to say in the
process." Its been taken care of for you ....kinda like loosing an


> > Your appearant blatiant disreguard for the
> > unfortunate circumstances of  others, here on the
> > groups .. ( related only to your ability for personal gain )
> > is pathetic.

>         What personal gain? I'm sorry that he was taken advantage of, but there is
> a lot that consumers can do to minimize the risks involved. It's called
> common sense. Learning from your mistakes, etc.

     Absolutely right ......people ( possibly many of them ...possibly and likely YOU
) are ripping off net deals ...so
 " avoid  Kentucky like the plague."  Thats learning from the
mistakes of others. We are at the mercy of the conditions
of the deal ...therefore stay away from Kentucky.

Quote:> >  I will certainly remember this when you post,
> > I hope others do too.

>         Remember what, exactly?

> >   dusty - K4NLZ

> >   If you live so close to this person ...why don't you do
> > something about the source that is smearing the
> > reputation of all Kentuckians ...!

>         Last time I checked, we live in a country with laws that protect us from
> false accusations. I have not been ripped off by this person, so I have no
> evidence to take action with. By your thinking, if someone on the net
> accuses you of unlawful behavior, I have a right to harass you and send the
> cops after you - only on someone's say-so. Information posted to the net is
> not evidence.

  I have sold a room full of radio equipment to the tune of about 1800dollars this
past month alone. I have bought ( with that money ) to the
tune of 2000 dollars ..even more stuff.  If even one of those offers
( on either side of the process ) was from Kentucky ...I would have
erased the offer and gone to the next one. ( instantly )
  You can blow and blow and blow about .." truth , justice , and the
american way ...but you can't change reality.  Even if you
did something about these crooks today ..." the damage is done "..
it would take months for it to heal. The fact that this ripping is still
going on ..( all over the web ...even in non related groups ) ..
evidently by the same people ..just means that the " healing " process
will take that much longer. Theres absolutely " nothing " you can
do about that...its just human nature.
    To me ,from 2000 miles away ...( and I've been around the net
for a long time ) ...its more than even money that YOU .." sir "
are either the " actual " person perping these rips or are directly
involved in the process ....there just couldn't be someone that
fresh " off the turnip truck " these days.

  If you are that person ...then live with the ( ignore Kentucky )
conditions that you have created ...if you really aren't the perps...
then wake up to reality ...  you are apparently a naive victim
that is stuck with conditions beyond your control.
  I personally applaud the person posting those warnings , applaud him
for his concern for my interests and for his willingness to be
unselfish to do so. You  " sir ", on the other hand, appear to be saying
to myself and others ..." oh well ...even though there are " thieves "
all over the place over here ....( and there certainly are ) ...you can't
blame us " other " innocent victims ...and " we " should be trusted
anyway. ..( eh ...eh eh  ...eh ehehhehehe he ....quit it now ...eh )
  The fact is ( the way internet works ) ..." absolutely no-one can
tell for sure  " WHOM YOU ARE " ..not even...not ever...!!!!!
You sir are a " FOOL " ...or you think everyone else is ......
and thats the name of that game ...!! ( theres nothing you
can do about that ...and thats why " everyone " on the web
( in Kentucky ) has become a victim.....victimized by these

  Your view about the rights of others is ludicrous ...go ahead
be a victim ...go ahead let them rage on ..." its the right
thing to do " ....eh eh eh ....its pathetic people like yourself
that fuels these perps and creates the " overt liberal "
environment that they flourish in ....." this whole thing
has cost you YOUR own personal rights already .....but ....
make sure that you don't step ...on the rights of those crooks ...
for sure ...for sure ...for sure .......DUHhhhhhhhhhh...!!
They don't give a "damm" about YOUR rights and would
rip you or anyone in a heartbeat ....I  " sir " wouldn't allow
a  group of " criminals " to treat me like that ...not without
" taking care of business myself first " ..( after the authorities
have decided " they " can't do anything about it ...for sure )
  In this world of hunters and rabbits ...I'm definitely not
covered with fur ......!! ( how about you ...)


  I sir am a Kentuckian myself ...( and therefore a victim too.....
in a manner of speaking )