PRO-2006 OR PRO-2035

PRO-2006 OR PRO-2035

Post by BILL FU » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 06:22:00

On 25 Mar 95 09:48pm, ADAM G  HUSIK wrote to ALL:

 AG> I am about to order my 2006 from Grove as well. I'm not sure if this
 AG> will be a problem, however, I live less then .25 miles from my Police
 AG> Dept. and they have a large tower outside their building. Could anyone
 AG> recommend an antenna for my scanner that may work well considering this
 AG> strong nearby station?

 Probably a discone would work well. They have zero gain, so one shouldn't
 make the situation any worse, while an antenna with gain might.
 There's always the ATT switch, too.
 How far are other stations?

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