New Scanner Master for MA??

New Scanner Master for MA??

Post by Stuart Lit » Thu, 20 Jan 1994 22:56:53

A while back there was some talk re: the New Scanner Master for Massachusetts coming
out and it would have all the information relating to the Mass. State Police and
their going to 800 band.

Did anyone or has any one picked up the book yet.  If so, please share the information
to all.

Anything on the new Mass. State Police would be helpful.  It seems as though most
of the troops except for Troop E (Turnpike) are not used.  I drive on the highways
of Mass betwen 1 - 2 hours a day and my scanner picks up nothing except the
Troop E guys and a RARE mumble on other SP frequencies.

Also anyone know the frequence for the new traffic system Smart Routes (or Smart
Traveller)??  Since this has popped into service, the other traffic guys have
gone very quiet!

Please Post for all to see...

Stuart Litel