INS freq use NJ, NY, CONN, PA, MD

INS freq use NJ, NY, CONN, PA, MD

Post by L. G. Shirle » Wed, 18 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I'm looking for the newer INS freq's and confirmation of older ones.

I have heard them plenty of times in NJ but would like to have a more
complete freq list should I have the opportunity to travel. Here is what I
generally monitor:

NJ - 162.825
     165.825/168.925 This one came on line back around 5/4/95. Techs were
mobile on Rt 23 and one individual was at the base monitoring the signal.
This is called the 'North rptr". (Newark, NJ HQ) Previously this was an
FBI rptr channel in the NJ/NY area.

The signal gets out well into North Jersey and probably New York State as
one of the techs lived on the border and was able to hit the rptr with
only minor background static.

They use Moneyrola$ radios and they are scanning capable. SPEN 1 - 154.680
and SPEN - 2 155.475 are constantly scanned. They are configured for
simplex (direct) and rptr operation on 165.825. They are also DES capable.

NY - 162.900 ?

CONN - 163.650 ?
       168.825 ?

PA - ???

MD - 163.675 ?

Some others listed to INS as active are 162.975  163.725  163.750  168.975
Very little is printed about INS. Locally I've heard them work with a
county and local PD and have heard some good surveillance activity they
preformed as they aided the USPS.

Any info is appreciated especially freq's. E-mail if you prefer not to
post anything, thanks.

Lou Shirley


INS freq use NJ, NY, CONN, PA, MD

Post by david hartle » Sun, 22 Sep 1996 04:00:00

163.650 is active in Connecticut using 800 series identifiers. i
at one time thought this was FBI but now feel its INS since i
have never heard DVP