FS: Siemens 2.4GHz 2 Line Cordless Phone Sys W Caller ID

FS: Siemens 2.4GHz 2 Line Cordless Phone Sys W Caller ID

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Up to five users at one time, all from one standard dual phone jack.
Supporting up to two outside phone lines, this system allows you to place up to eight cordless handsets throughout your home or office, all operating off the corded desk station and a standard phone jack. Unlike other cordless products, the desk station and up to four of the cordless handsets may be used simultaneously.

The Gigaset 2420 offers all the tasks a small office or busy home demands from the desk station and each of the handsets. LCD screens that handle Caller ID* and Caller ID on Call Waiting*; Speed dial/redial, etc.; Call restrictions; Handset paging; a room monitor feature; A remotely accessible digital answering machine that answers separately for each line; A Smart Fax/Modem Port** and much more.

Superior Reception and Security,
The system's 2.4GHz frequency and high-speed digital voice encoding provide reception that is superior to other cordless technologies and almost indistinguishable from corded phone systems. Frequency hopping spread spectrum technology ensures unparalleled security.

And More   Asking $300.00 + $10.00 Shipping includes extra charger & shipping  Unit Retails for $379.99+ Tax

Visit http://www.siemenscordless.com/cordless/2420.html


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