Patrick AFB, NASA-KSC Area Log - Tuesday 09 March 2004

Patrick AFB, NASA-KSC Area Log - Tuesday 09 March 2004

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                              Tuesday 09 March 2004

                 Several AWACS acft worked many many fighters all day long,
multiple tankers serviced the aircraft; it was possible to only log some of the
endless activity. All the inland ranges and offshore areas were active.
                 For the second consecutive day, bevies of NASA acft came and
departed the Shuttle Landing Facility, including the crew of the next shuttle:

8:08am; Comms between Avon Range Ctrl and mobile re permission to cross rnwys,
Might be atmospheric conditions, but this was a mobile unit talking to Avon
Park Range Control; I heard both sides of the conversation; this has happened
before; it occurs only about ten-twelve times a year.

8:14am: Announces to Sealord the acft he will be controlling in a four-ship vs
two-ship ACM exercise: WARHAWKs (Lemoore VFA-97 F/A-18s) vs FANGs (FL-ANG
F-15s) and HAWKs (Beaufort's VMFA(AW)-533 F/A-18s] ; then at 1800-1900z a
four-ship flight of Dutch Air Force F-16s will be up; and from 1830z-1930z it
will be FANGs vs HAWKs again. DARKSTAR QUEBEC has also requested that Sealord
relay to DOUBLESHOT.  Also has comms with AWACS Goliath Alpha.
[267.5, 261.2, 317.6, 364.2]

LIMA LIMA 83: P-3C, Jacksonville NAS VP-30 "Pro's Nest"
9:06am: Rqsts DARKSTAR relay  too Sealord; working 6 Yankee Area.  Sealord
shifts LL 83 to 284.5.
[267.5, 284.5]

SPIDER 11: F-16 Flight, Royal Netherlands Air Force, TDY at Cecil Field.
9:40am: Approaching Avon Park Bombing Range.  Works C and E Ranges wtih
low-level conventional attacks on R-2901.
10:40am: RTB Cecil Field.
[269.25, 349.0, 285.5, 273.55, 141.3]

9:45am: Patrolling.

HAWK 82: F/A-18
9:56am: Area transition.
[269.25, 273.55]

NASA 4: G-1159 Gulfstream II, NASA-KSC.
10:05am: Departs Patrick AFB to NASA-KSC SLF.
10:40am: Departs SLF.
[133.75, 128.55, 132.65, 125.175]

BRONCO 01: OV-10D, US State Dept Intl Narcotics Mission, Patrick AFB.
10:20am: Touch-and-goes at Patrick.

NASA 903: T-38N #63-8200, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
10:26am: Departs SLF.
It is unusual for NASA T-38s to use UHF ATC freqs in this area; possible inop
VHF rdo?

10:30am: Working in the offshore W-158A, B, and C areas from 1630z to 1830z
with SHARK 21 four-ship flight, MAKO 11 single acft, AKULA 31 flight of two out
of Homestead JARB, and LOBO 01 flight of four, and KC-135 tanker BOLT (from
MacDill AFB). GOLIATH awaits acft check-in on 320.6.  
[267.5, 320.6, 364.2]

BOLT 01: Prob KC-135, MacDill AFB 6AMW.
10:42am: Area transition; rqsts Victor freq.
2:21pm: Inbound MacDill, practice approaches, will full-stop at 1515 local.
[319.0, 311.0]

BOLT 89: KC-135, MacDill AFB 6AMW.
11:39am: Reports to Sealord as KC-135 with ten F-16s, heading to W-158B.

SHARK 21: F-16 Flight of four, Homestead JARB 482FW 93FS
11:40am: To Pinecastle with AKULA 31; will be flight of six when departing;
attacking targets with four Mk 82s each.
[267.5, 357.0, 380.8]

AKULA 31: F-16 Flight of two, Homestead JARB 482FW 93FS
11:40am: To Pinecastle with SHARK 21.
[267.5, 357.0, 380.8]

MAKO 11: F-16 Flight of four, Homestead JARB 482FW 93FS
12:18pm: RTB Homestead from Pinecastle.
[267.5, 269.3, 348.7]

REACH 544: C-130E #64-0544, PR-ANG 156AW Luis Marin ANGB San Juan.
12:28pm: Gets wx for Goloson IAP, La Cieba IAP, Honduras.

NASA 960: T-38N #70-1552, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
12:40pm: Lands NASA-KSC SLF.
4:22pm: Departs SLF.

N25NG: CE-560XL #560-5250, Northrop Grumman JSTARS Integr Facility, KMLB.
12:55pm: Departs KMLB.
[118.2, 132,65]

JOLLY 31: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo #90-26231, Patrick AFB 920RQW 301RQS
1:00pm: Lands Patrick.
[269.375, 255.5]

CG AUX 725RP: P-210N #P210006, Wilmington DE.
1:01pm: Flies Port Canaveral security patrol.

RULER 21: C-17A, MS-ANG 172AMW Jackson MS
1:02pm: Touch-and-goes at Patrick, RTB KJAN.
Even the tower could not help IDing him to other acft as a C-141; they joked
about MS-ANG switching to the C-17s.
Photo: 052MVC-734, -735.

BLUE 91: KC-135 (Coronet Mission tanker)
1:05pm: Passes maintenance writeups to MacDill's Lightning Ops; Customs and Ag
will not be necessary.

SPIDER 31: F-16 flight, Royal Netherlands Air Force, TDY at Cecil Field.
1:26pm: Heading to Avon Park Bombing Range.
2:10pm: RTB Cecil Field.
[349.0, 292.2, 273.55, 141.3]

FLIGHT CHECK 85: CL-600 #5138 Challenger, SAF/FAA Facility Check Sqdn, OKC
1:40pm: Approaches at NASA-KSC SLF.

VIDAR 16: S-3B, Jacksonville NAS VS-22 "Checkmates"
1:44pm: Direct NAS Key West.

HN 420: SH-60B, NAF Mayport HSL-42 "Proud Warriors"
1:48pm: Touch-and-go at Patrick; e/r Mayport.
[133.75, 132.65]

NASA 920: T-38N #66-8386, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
2:00pm: Lands SLF.
[132.65, 128.55]

SENTRY 05: E-3 (Flight crew c/s for GOLIATH ALPHA, above)
2:14pm: Area transition.

2:19pm: Area transition, southbound.
[135.075, 134.8 (Miami Ctr at Nassau)

NASA 924: T-38N #67-14825, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
2:38pm; Lands NASA-KSC SLF.
4:22pm; Departs to Gulfport A/p

VIDAR 13: S-3B, Jacksonville NAS VS-22 "Checkmates"
1:44pm: Direct NAS Key West.
[285.5, 346.25, 257.75 Jax Appr]

JOSA 523: C-21A #400#7, Personnel Transport
3:06pm: Inbound either Homestead or MacDill; wl offload three duty pax, one DV.

NASA 114: T-38N Flight (Astronaut crew for next Shuttle mission STS-114)
3:20pm: Inbound NASA-KSC Shuttle Landing Facility.
Flight included NASA 904, T-38N #63-8204.
No doubt we will be hearing them flying the STAs tonight over KSC.

JOLLY 12: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo
3:50pm: Touch-and-goes at Patrick.

DOS 117: UH-1, US State Dept Intl Narcotics Mission, Patrick AFB.
4:05pm: Touch-and-goes at Patrick, departs.
8:08pm: Lands Patrick.

SPIDER 51: F-16 flight, Royal Netherlands Air Force, TDY at Cecil Field.
4:23pm: Working at Avon Park Bombing Range.
5:00pm; RTB Cecil Field.
[292.2, 349.0, 273.55, 257.75]

NASA 913; T-38N #65-10355, NASA-Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
5:27pm: Inbound NASA-KSC SLF.
[133.475, 132.65, 128.55]

AKULA 31: F-16, Homestead JAARB 482FW 93FS
5:30pm: Working at Avon Park Bombing Range (B & F Ranges)
[292.2, 264.625]

SHARK 21: F-16 flight of four, Homestead JAARB 482FW 93FS
6:35pm: Performing in CSAR exercise re "downed" pilot.
7:00pm: RTB Homestead.
[292.2, 264.625, 307.1, 281.5, 139.8, 138.025]

SENTRY 07: E-3, Tinker AFB 552ACW.
6:35pm: Informs Homestead Mako Ops he will be doing dry hookups for AAR
training, and will then RTB Tinker instead of Homestead (where he is TDY);
informs Ops that the other SENTRY is on the ground at Homestead.

NASA 946: G-1159 #146 STA, Johnson Space Ctr, Houston TX
6:35pm: Engaged in Shuttle Training at SLF.
7:00pm: Lands SLF.
[128.55, 126.65]

GOLIATH: Mission Crew callsign for Sentry 07, above
6:35pm: Participates in SHARKs CSAR at Avon Park, passes coords 27-31 North,
81-12 West to Homestead Mako Ops.

JOLLY 21 flight of two: HH-60G Pave Hawk Helo, Patrick AFB 920RQW 301RQS
7:05pm: Hover checks, touch-and-goes at Patrick.
10:00pm: Working with King 55.
[124.35, 255.5]

KING 55: HC-130P #64-14855  Patrick AFB 920RQW 39RQS
7:30pm: Parrot check with Oakgrove, comms with Sealord, drops in Judy DZ.
[364.2, 267.5, 251.9, 133.75]

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